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Tame your teenager with the Wild Child Programme

Children have an innate connection to nature that should really be nurtured throughout their lives and what better place to take them to help do this than Benguerra Lodge in the Bazaruto Archipelago of Mozambique.

This may not be the wildlife Mecca of Africa but every child will receive a bag filled with things to remind them of nature including a logbook, crayons, pencils and a pawprint tattoo. Kids learn about new cultures and gain new knowledge as they experience the world around them.

Older children want to know

Only children aged 8 and upwards are able to enjoy Benguerra Lodge and each one of them will leave this Mozambique island with memories of the turquoise sea, the white beaches, the many activities, and the wildlife around them – from the birds and monkeys to the whales, dolphins, turtles and many fish species.

When snorkelling in the many picturesque bays around the island, children will see colourful tropical fish and corals. If they join their parents on an Ocean Safari, they may be lucky to see common or humpback dolphins, devil and sting rays, leatherback, loggerhead and green turtles as well as whales in season. Sharks include white-tips, black-tips, grey reef and giant sleeping sharks!

Play games and learn

Interactive games and fun activities open up the minds of kids who then learn more about African and her endangered oceans. Imagine going on a real fishing trip to catch a Big One or making your own bow and arrows? Help the chef in the food garden, composting, planting, watering and picking. Each expedition is carefully selected with the age and interests of the kids in mind and according to the particular African context.

Benguerra Island is a sea paradise, therefore, children will learn about marine life and its preservation. Tame your teenager with a Wild Child programme experience and maybe he or she will be the next marine biologist based in Mozambique in the stunning Bazaruto Archipelago.

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