Explore a Botswana Safari in Pictures

Botswana is a Land of Fascinating Contrasts

Before you even set foot in Africa, set off on a Botswana safari in pictures with Voyage2Africa.  If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like to travel to Botswana, wonder no more. These photos show you what to expect on a safari there! In fact, we like to call this your visual travel guide to one of our favorite wildlife destinations of all time. Botswana is a land of fascinating contrasts and a treasure chest of wildlife, a center for biodiversity and ecotourism.  If you love the wilderness, you will love Chobe National Park, the Okavango Delta, the Kalahari, Moremi Game Reserve and the Kalahari – positively brimming with wild animals in their natural habitats. Explore a Botswana safari in pictures.


The river running past Camp Xakanaxa in Botswana
Start a new day with a dawn boat ride on the meandering River Khwai from Camp Xakanaxa, Moremi

Nowhere else do you get such impressive Khwai River views, captivating to the eye and soul. Dawn and dusk water safaris open every sense to the river sounds, the owls, the frogs and the hyenas’ chatter. Getting back to nature takes on new meaning at Xakanaxa Camp on the Xakanaxa Lagoon with silent mokoro trips following the River Khwai as it flows into the Moremi Game Reserve. It’s a place of sensational wildlife viewing all year round. 


Guests on a safari boat drive going past an elephant
Get front row seats to the massive herds of elephants wading in the Savuti Channel at Savuti Camp. 

The sensational Savuti Camp is a refuge for plentiful wildlife in a changing wet-dry landscape. It’s a flawless destination lying about 17 km “downstream” from the Zibadianja Lagoon – the source of the Savute Channel. Here privileged guests can enjoy large canvas-and-thatch rooms facing this natural phenomenon in the Linyanti Concession and see how the elephants play a few meters away. Nature walks and game drives where this erratic watercourse is a refuge for biodiversity.


group on a canoe safari viewing a elephant on the river bank
Be at peace while elephants graze beside deep Okavango channels on a silent Machaba Camp canoe safari.

Mokoro rides in the Okavango Delta are the epitome of peace and serenity – a chance to examine wildlife and experience every nuance of a wild place. Local guides love what they do and show guests the intricacies of biodiversity around Machaba Camp which rests under huge Sycamore Figs (Machaba trees). Elephants wander past the luxury canvas tents to eat their juicy fruits. Sit back on the banks of the Khwai River with binoculars trained, drink in hand, and just be.


Guests on the riverbank with their canoes in Botswana
Organized canoe safaris from Chobe Elephant Camp reveal unique wildlife interactions never noticed on a 4×4 game drive. 

Boat safaris are the way to see wildlife on the massive Chobe River, but organized canoe safaris are something else. It’s a different story paddling your way downstream past lurking crocs, wallowing hippos and wading birds galore as herds of antelope frisk on nearby riverbanks. Chobe Elephant Camp is named after the largest population of elephants in Africa (about 120,000) and offers a true African adventure in an environmentally friendly camp with sandbag walls and recycled wood.


Guests on a safari game drive viewing a herd of Giraffe
Giraffes are the tallest animals on Earth and seeing them canter across a golden savanna is a sight for sore eyes.

Giraffes either walk with a graceful ambling motion or gallop with huge strides – they move unlike other hoofed mammals in that they first swing their long legs on the left, then their long legs on the right. Their legs reach nearly 2 m high, taller than a man! On a safari in Moremi, watch giraffes spread their long legs apart to reach the water for a slurp. They spend most of their days standing up, even when sleeping or calving.


Group of people on a guided safari walk viewing an elephant
See more animals than you thought possible on a wilderness walk with expert Gomoti Plains Camp guides.

Gomoti Plains Camp is aptly named after the Gomoti Tree, or water fig tree, that grows alongside the many waterways of the Delta. Endemic birds nest in these trees which provide ample shade for large herds of buffalo, solitary leopards and grazing zebras. Game rangers and trackers from the local villages show visitors lions on a kill, elephants crossing a lagoon, bushbuck hiding and red lechwe running. It’s like your own movie and you are the main celebrity!


Two lions walking through the bush in Botswana
The massive lions of the Savuti-Linyanti Floodplains reign the territory packed with delicious prey. 

Healthy lion prides survive on a wealth of mammals in the Linyanti, usually noted for its very large elephant population which can increase dramatically during the dry winter months. Incredible herds of sable and roan antelope mingle with impalas and wildebeest while the big cats, hyenas and black-backed jackals look on. The Savuti Camp hide is a handy elevated platform for excellent photography and sleep-outs under the stars.


Safari game drive viewing of a herd of elephants
There is no shortage of wildlife at Sable Alley Camp in the Khwai Private Reserve, a successful community and conservation project. 

Sable Alley Camp is a unique tourism destination on stilts, surrounded by water, and a drinking spot for the beautiful sable antelope. Herds of elephants, buffalo and zebra wander past and guests are treated to astonishing sightings of wild dogs, lions, leopards and jackals. The Khwai Private Nature Reserve in the Okavango Delta stretches 440,000 acres into extraordinary forests, open floodplains, river woodlands and grassy plains. Huge old trees shade visitors beside the dazzling swimming pool.


Group of people on a safari game drive viewing a herd of zebra
Well-fed zebras roam the healthy grasslands in the Mombo Concession, the “Place of Plenty”. 

It’s a real treat staying at Mombo Camp on the tip of Chief’s Island in the heart of the Moremi Game Reserve. Rich with wildlife, there is something to observe from every angle of private decks in the trees overlooking the floodplains below.  Look out for the Big 5, plus huge herds of plains game (zebras, wildebeest, antelope and more) roaming the fertile wetlands and lagoons. Game drives, bush walks and serene mokoro rides entertain nature-loving guests all day.


Guests on horseback riding past a herd of wildebeest
Horse riding safaris at Jack’s Camp Makgadikgadi take visitors closer to herds of wildebeest than they ever thought possible. 

It’s easy to see why Jack’s Camp in the Makgadikgadi Pans was rated the number 1 favorite leisure hotel by thousands of seasoned travelers. One of the most popular game-viewing activities at Jack’s Camp is a horse ride through the open and flat wilderness with a friendly guide. Get there during the famous annual wildebeest migration and be sure to discover the region’s familiarized meerkats. Chapman’s Baobab is also a must-see highlight.


Boat on a safari down the rivers of Botswana
Roaring down an Okavango channel into a tranquil lagoon at dusk is a Vumbura Plains Camp game viewing highlight.

This is one of the prime camps for game viewing expeditions on boats and in traditional mokoro canoes. Guests can also enjoy 4×4 safaris and walking trails on all year-round wildlife excursions.  Deep waters in season promote exciting motorboat trips into the channels so get out those binoculars for some unforgettable birding opportunities. Vumbura Camp is solar-powered and elevated boardwalks lead to the 14 enormous bush chalets with watery views.


Group of people game viewing a herd of elephants from a safari boat ride
Water-based game viewing and birdwatching on smaller “tender boats” for privileged Zambezi Queen guests.

The Zambezi Queen elegantly offers very atypical Botswana accommodation on a luxury houseboat that cruises up and down this mighty African river. Designer cabins face the water and guests meet on the decks for drinks and game-viewing surprises. Morning game drives in Chobe National Park and afternoon boat rides along the river banks make the most of wildlife sightings in this world-class safari destination. On a three-night cruise, guests may also have the chance to visit a local village.


Hot air balloon ride above the rivers of Botswana
One of the thrilling game-viewing activities at Vumbura Plains Camp is a dawn hot air balloon safari over the magical Delta.

Regular game drives, seasonal water activities and hot air balloon safaris create the perfect blend of water and dry land game viewing opportunities at Vumbura Plains Camps. Here rangers lead guests to wild dogs, leopards, rare sable antelope, buffalo herds, red lechwe and numerous elephants. Nature walks, wilderness drives, mokoro and boat excursions with catch-and-release tiger fishing add to the magic which all starts with a private charter to the Vumbura Plains airstrip…


Guests on a game drive having sundowners in the Makgadikgadi Pans
Unforgettable sundowners on the Makgadikgadi Pans with Jack’s Camp hospitality.

Jack Bousfield was on a trapping expedition in the Makgadikgadi Pans when he stumbled on a site so dramatic that he set up camp under an acacia tree. Jack’s Camp was born to capture that sight and to ensure that others experienced its beauty. Here, visitors feel part of the magnificent Makgadikgadi Pans, a relic of one of the world’s largest super-lakes that dried up thousands of years ago. 10 Bedouin-styled chalets thrown with Persian rugs feature outside showers with wilderness views.

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