The Okavango Delta in Pictures

The best pictures of the Okavango Delta

One of the best ways to whet your appetite before you visit the Okavango Delta Botswana is in pictures from your armchair. Start to plan the legendary gem of a wildlife safari to the Okavango Delta. See it all here in the best pictures. The Okavango Delta is a renowned World Heritage Site and possibly the most unique ecosystem in Africa. Experience thrilling safaris in the Jewel of Botswana, a pristine wildlife region that ranks top in the world for its unique wetland system flowing through a desert. 


view of Camp Okavango and the sunset in the distance
Delta sunsets highlight the meandering Okavango River channels.

The impressive Okavango River feeds the fan-shaped Delta as it flows from the Angolan highlands, across the Caprivi Strip in Namibia, into the arid Kalahari Desert. Abundant water during the dry season means abundant plants and extraordinary migrations of plains game to the water source.


aerial view of the river networks in Botswana
Nature’s canvas – the dry Kalahari contrasts with a flooding Delta

Botswana’s dry season in July is ironically the season for the flooding of the Okavango Delta. Animals migrate from the dry regions to the lush floodplains, a sight for sore eyes, and the best time to come on safari. Book mokoro safaris in rivers and lagoons between magical islands.


guest deck area with dining tables set at Camp Okavango
Neat boardwalks at Camp Okavango link tents to dining areas

Camp Okavango is a water-based safari destination in breath-taking Botswana that takes its name from the very river that runs through it. Perched in the heart of the permanent Okavango Delta, it’s a well-established eco-lodge offering year-round game viewing in a stunning setting. 


picnic set up by the lake on a game drive in Botswana
Sundowner game drives in the Delta as birds fly in to roost

Luxury safari camps in the Okavango Delta treat guests to sundowner game drives to birdwatch and appreciate the wild beauty of this seasonal floodplain. Morning boat safaris, traditional mokoro canoe trips and fishing excursions take visitors onto a new level, eye to eye with animals and water birds in a sensory explosion of color and sound.


Sable Alley Camp accommodation main building in Botswana
Sable Alley Camp is in a gorgeous spot with an excellent view

This is the Khwai Private Reserve, a wonderful Botswana community and conservation project. Sable Alley Camp is still young, a revamped older bush camp, overlooking a lagoon flowing to the Khwai and Sable Alley Rivers on the edge of the world-famous Moremi Game Reserve. Terrific walking safaris and cuisine.


Lounge area overlooking the Okavango Delta rivers in Sable Alley Camp
Designer elevated open-air lounge at Sable Alley Camp, Botswana Okavango

Sit beside the dazzling swimming pool, or in the open-air lounge and simply watch the hippos, crocs and big herds of herbivores. Skillfully designed with an Afro-chic flavor, Sable Alley is a modern bush camp with glorious elevated open-plan facilities for game viewing 24/7.


Safari game drive viewing of a herd of elephants
Discover the best of both worlds in a watery landscape bordering vast grasslands

Enormous herds of majestic elephants follow ancient migration routes across Botswana to the Okavango Delta, moving between the Linyanti and Savute floodplains and the Chobe River region. They constantly seek fresh water and food while bachelor herds are resident in the Delta all year.


Boat on a safari down the rivers of Botswana
The best time to enjoy a boat safari on lush Delta channels is at dawn

Now you too can look forward to thrilling boating adventures in the heart of the Okavango Delta, Botswana’s wildlife oasis. We offer you the best safari eco-accommodations in Moremi and the Okavango highlighting fishing, birding and walking in paradise.


Hot air balloon ride above the rivers of Botswana
Get a bird’s eye view of the dazzling Delta from a hot air balloon safari

A silent oval shadow passes over lily-clad lagoons below where long-toed Jacanas stalk and a lion hides in the tall golden grasses. A Fish Eagle soars alongside the colorful hot air balloon and the only sound is the wind in the trees. See the Delta from a unique game viewing position, 1 000 feet above the ground, and get a 360-degree view of a top wilderness destination.   


Viewing of a herd of deer running through the tall grass on a game drive
Water-adapted sitatunga and red lechwe antelope roam the Okavango floodplains

Sitatungas dodge danger by plunging into water with only their noses and horns showing and they can run across watery reed beds with their special splayed hooves. Red lechwe can ably leap through the Delta waters with their strong shoulders and rumps – they feel safer in water than on land so hide there when predators are nearby.


Group of people on a boat safari down the river networks in Botswana
Throw a line at sunset and maybe hook a silvery bream or a slippery catfish

Keen anglers can try their luck where the meandering Okavango River feeds into the heart of the Okavango Delta in the Panhandle region. It’s all catch and release in this UNESCO World Heritage Site and the best fish to catch are African pike, catfish (or barbel), tilapia, bass and bream. Some fishermen want their trophy Tiger fish which calls for additional patience and quick reactions. 


Staff member serving food and drinks on a break from the boat safari
Game viewing on a boat safari is much more fun with a picnic tea laid on

That first 5 am morning wake-up call at dawn sets the scene for a special day in the Okavango Delta filled with adrenalin, brilliant scenery and magnificent wildlife sightings. Set off on a boat safari through the lush channels and lagoons to find birds and animals on a face-to-face level. One of the best treats to look forward to then is a late morning coffee break on an island with warmly baked muffins and fresh pastries.

What are you waiting for? We trust that these best pictures of the Okavango Delta tell a story about the legendary gem of a wildlife safari in this unique wilderness hotspot. Book your all-inclusive package deal with Voyage2Africa and find the perfect luxury Botswana accommodation in a camp on an island in the Delta. 

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