Brimming with History

Brimming with History, Mozambique

The Quirimbas Archipelago lies in the far northern reaches of Mozambique, off the coast of Pemba. So remote and nearly lost and forgotten to the outside world, this chain of islands is untouched by development and its islands and beaches have remained in the very state they were in hundreds of years ago. Brimming with history of a time when Arabs used the islands as trading posts and the Portuguese established trading routes and settlements, some of the islands, in particular, Ibo Island still bears the marks of this romantic, yet ancient era in the form of relics and historical buildings.

Ibo Island FortSome of the buildings and ruins date back as early as the 1500s, many of which are grown over with wild tropical foliage. As far as history goes, Arab traders first made contact with Ibo Island as early as AD600 and established trading posts and forts along the coastline to ship gold, ivory and slaves to the Arab world. Over time, the island saw an influx of people from China, Portugal, India and the Netherlands, proof of which is seen in the architecture of the historic buildings on the island. Owing to this amalgamation of different cultures, the people of Ibo have created a way of life that is unique to the island, intriguing to those who come to visit.

The Quirimbas Archipelago receives very few guests at a time, as a result, the waters surrounding the islands have remained pristine with high volumes of marine life. Divers sometimes find themselves alone on dive sites, something that only remains a dream in Mauritius and Zanzibar. The holiday accommodation options are small, guaranteeing personalised service and intimate holiday experience.

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