Here’s Why You Should Go to Zambia in 2025

Top Reasons to Visit Zambia on Safari

Read our guide on why you should go to Zambia in 2025. More than wildlife and safari, our top reasons include adventure, walking trails, and remote lodges throughout Zambia. The best time to travel to Zambia and the best safari destinations in Zambia.

Plan a journey into the heart of Africa’s wilderness and uncover the treasures awaiting you in Zambia. Many tourists don’t know that this beautiful part of Africa offers so much more than its majestic wildlife and magnificent wilderness trails.

Herd of wildlife walking through Zambia
Zambia is home to an abundance of wildlife, from the great herbivores and elusive predators to rarer antelopes, colourful birds and more unusual nocturnal species.

It’s easy to lose yourself in the grandeur of iconic reserves like the expansive Kafue floodplains and the renowned South Luangwa grasslands – but what about the rivers, the forests, the adrenalin adventure sports, and the spectacular Victoria Falls? History and culture, wellness, and city nightlife are all for the taking in Zambia! 

Glide through the game-rich waters of the Lower Zambezi on a mesmerizing canoe safari or trace the footsteps of explorers on a captivating walking safari through South Luangwa. Whether it’s the thrill of encountering wildlife up close, the awe-inspiring vistas in all directions, the mighty rivers, or the plush city hotels, Zambia’s natural splendor guarantees an experience to cherish.

Zambia is the 2025 African Destination

Zambia Safaris – a Multi-Activity Destination

Guests on a safari game drive in Zambia
South Luangwa National Park is a world-famous safari destination and offers some of the best guides in Africa!

Zambia is a safari enthusiast’s dream and an all-year-round destination. It’s where some of the world’s biggest and best game parks invite top game viewing every season and it also promises diverse river, forests and adventure activities. Whether it’s a canoeing safari along the game-rich shores of the Lower Zambezi National Park or following in the footsteps of the pioneers into the Zambian interior on a mobile walking safari, you are sure to find something in the continent’s spectacular wildlife and scenery to thrill and amaze you. Zambia is a multi-activity destination:

  • Walking Safaris: Get up close and personal with wild animals and learn more about biodiversity on an unforgettable walking safari in South Luangwa National Park.  Dedicated British conservationist, Norman Carr dared to step away from traditional trophy hunting safaris to promote tourism based on conservation and photography, walking safaris and inspiration in nature. The famous walking safari originated right here, thanks to his dedication as a game ranger in the 1940s which saved the park’s integrity from mass tourism.  
  • Victoria Falls: Experience a natural wonder from a different perspective in Livingstone from a luxury camp or lodge. It’s a good idea to become part of a different kind of Zambian safari when you try some adrenaline-charging adventures and activities. Choose from white water rafting, bungee jumping, helicopter flips, walks, and safaris. 
  • Game Viewing: Set out on a canoe safari along the Zambezi River and witness the splendor of Zambia’s diverse wildlife. Look out for more than 750 species of birds too! Zambia is brimming with 10 popular national parks and 11 smaller parks so make sure you see Kafue, Kasanke, Lochinvar, Lower Zambezi, Liuwa Plain and South Luangwa National Parks. 
  • History and Culture: For something different, explore the Copperbelt region, the industrial heartland of Zambia, but also a great place to explore historical sites, museums and one of the biggest chimpanzee sanctuaries in the world.

Victoria Falls from Livingstone is Unforgettable

Adventure Holidays in Zambia  

River safaris on your Zambia holiday
A canoe or kayak safari on the Upper Zambezi is a wonderfully relaxing way to enjoy the astonishingly beautiful scenery.

Be part of a different kind of Zambian safari when you try some adrenaline-charging adventures and activities around the majestic Victoria Falls. Choose from white water rafting, bungee jumping, helicopter flips, walks and safaris. Adventure holidays in Zambia feature these activities:

  • Hot Air Balloon Safari: Soar above the savannahs of Kafue National Park for a bird’s-eye view of Africa’s majestic landscapes and flocks of water birds on your safari to Zambia.
  • Microlight Flight: Feel the exhilaration of flying over Victoria Falls on a Microlight flight, a breathtaking perspective on this huge wonder of the world waterfall.
  • Houseboat Holiday: Drift along the Zambezi River in a houseboat and game view from the water, a serene and intimate encounter with wildlife.
  • Devil’s Pool: Plunge into the scary natural pool at the edge of Victoria Falls if you dare, the edge dropping away into a watery space.
  • Night Drives: Discover the nocturnal world of the bush on a night drive, where the wilderness comes alive under the game ranger’s spotlight.

Eco-Tourists Safari Holidays to Zambia

Chongwe House Accommodation Zambia Safari
Zambia is the undiscovered Ecotourism treasure trove of Africa. It shelters extraordinary natural beauty and is one of the most pristine and unspoiled wildlife havens on the continent.

Join the increasing numbers of travelers now seeking sustainable and responsible travel options in Africa with our trending eco-safaris, the popular and right way to travel in 2024.  Safari holidays for eco-tourists are easy to find in Zambia thanks to its innate dedication to the wilderness and reducing human impacts on natural resources. Ethical travel with Voyage2Africa takes you to our best eco-safari destinations in Africa and we suggest these eco-tourism activities in Zambia:

  • Mobile Safaris: Traverse the untamed landscapes of Zambia on a mobile safari, where every day unveils a new adventure amidst comfortable yet basic tented camps.
  • Guided Safaris: Delve into the heart of Zambia’s national parks on a guided safari, led by experienced guides who unveil the secrets of the bush with every step.
  • Canoeing Safaris: Drift along the Zambezi River on a canoeing safari, a serene journey through the heart of Africa’s wilderness, where every paddle stroke brings you closer to nature’s wonders.
  • Birding Safaris: Discover Zambia’s rich avian diversity on a birding safari, where every sighting is a testament to the country’s status as a birdwatcher’s paradise.
  • Adventure Activities: Embark on adrenaline-pumping adventures, from bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge to white-water rafting down the Zambezi River, Zambia offers thrills like no other.

Eco-Travel in Zambia is Top

The best part about a holiday to Zambia is the choice of awe-inspiring wildlife and adventure activities on offer. Our top reasons to visit Zambia in 2024 are more about the landscape and the eco-activities than the usual game viewing safaris.  From the rustic walking safari camps of South Luangwa and the unparalleled birding safaris in Kafue’s enormous floodplains, to the remote Lower Zambezi National Park for its canoeing and tiger fishing rush. Zambia is authentic Africa in its raw state, home of the great Zambezi, the Luangwa and the Kafue rivers. 

Combine this adventure with a few days in Victoria Falls, wandering around Livingstone then catch a thrilling speed boat above the Falls to the Zambezi River to view elephants and lions at speed. Zambia is your next bucket list destination in Africa and there is plenty of luxury lodge, camp and hotel accommodation for all tastes and budgets. Find out why you should go to Zambia in 2024!

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