Why you should visit Botswana in the Green Season

There are many wonderful reasons to visit Botswana. We have special reasons why you should visit Botswana in the Green Season though. What is the difference, you may ask, between visiting Botswana in the dry season or in the green season? Lots. And it depends on what turns you on: plenty of water and lush vegetation where animals feed, drink and hide OR plenty of visibility and finding animals grouped around random watering holes, rivers or pans? Some game viewers do prefer the wintery dry season as they find animals easier and the landscape is dramatic. Others prefer the Green Season, when water flows and animals seem to glow with health and babies are being born, adding to the drama of survival in the wilderness.

In Botswana, the green season begins when the heavens open during December, falling generously until about April. Read our reasons why we think you should visit Botswana in the Green Season:

  • Better rates for your tour because it is raining – enjoy the same luxury safari lodges as everyone else but at a third of the price
  • Fewer people travelling, therefore, more room to move and more privacy on safari – lodges are comfortably occupied so that you can sit alone at the swimming pool and your 4×4 game drive will have some space for your camera and snack
  • Flowers are blooming as nature changes into her best outfits – bees buzz, butterflies flutter and baby animals are born
  • Young animals play in long green grass and learn about survival of the fittest in a harsh yet beautiful world
  • Head to the central Kalahari where a desert is transformed into a wet dreamscape of animals, food and unbelievable wildlife interactions
  • See predators catch their prey; see prey get away and start life anew
  • If you love birds, get out that camera and fire away – record incidents of lifers and chicks, eagles and tiny sunbirds, they are all there in their feathery splendour
  • The Okavango Delta is a sight to behold – brimming with fresh water and a hive of wildlife activity. Take a mokoro up deep channels to see the hippos, crocs, Pels Fishing Owl, leopards on the prowl and Sitatunga wading into shallows
  • Get out your walking shoes and explore the open plains and islands of the Delta on foot, seeing things that will change your life forever. Record everything on film so that you can watch it all later
  • If you want to see millions of flamingos go the Makgadigadi in the Green Season to see these pink birds flocking on the now watery pan – so different from its usual shimmering white illusions
  • Thousands of zebras cross the pans now with their wildebeest friends to graze on the new shoots and hundreds of elephants and buffalo head to Nxai Pan National Park
  • Warm summer mornings, hot days and nights where insects and frogs sing songs to herald the sky of stars; revel in some short showers that make the fresh vegetation sparkle and the wildlife emerge to eat some more
  • Colours are so much sharper in the Green Season and all the colours of the rainbow dazzle your eyes (whereas the dry season is more dramatic and stark and has its own attractions).

As if this is not enough to attract the average to Africa during summer! Now you know why you should visit Botswana in the Green Season. Contact us today for your holiday booking in one of the rarest and most beautiful wildlife zones on Earth.

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