How to travel to Mauritius on a budget

Whenever we think of Mauritius and going on a beach holiday to this paradise, we think of flights and transfers and hotels and getting around and activities and, and, and – we get stressed because we think it will not fit into our budget. Now we can share with you how to travel to Mauritius on a budget and to still have fun in the sun, doing all those wonderful holiday things you dreamed about…

All-Inclusive Package Deals

The first step is to book a travel package that is all-inclusive. This way, if you are a family, your children usually stay and eat for free or for half of what you as adults will pay. If you choose an affordable hotel, your package usually includes non-motorised water sports such as surfing, snorkelling, kayaking and windsurfing.

For example, if you choose the attractive 7-night holiday at Beachcomber’s Le Victoria Hotel in the north-west coast of Mauritius, which includes all meals, all drinks, mini bar drinks, land and water sports, superior accommodation and all flights and transfers!

Choose affordability

Take a drive around Mauritius when to travel there and see how many 5-star hotels there really are. Your budget will fit other hotels which offer fantastic amenities and experiences and you can also choose wonderful guest houses and self-catering villas to ease the financial load. Many tourists automatically head to the main beaches for their holidays in the sun on Mauritius so why not select accommodation that costs less in the forests or near the mountains?
You can always drive to the beaches if need be. Or select a budget hotel on the beach where you will not feel crowded because most visitors have chosen the fancy 5-star beachfront suites at big-name hotels. This way you also avoid loud night clubs and restaurants or bars that stay open till very late, especially if you have young children.

Hire a Bicycle

A cheap way to get around is to hire a bicycle and explore the island slowly and properly, meeting friendly local Mauritians along the way. Freedom of movement and time and also the freedom to choose when and how to eat, relax or socialise!

Travel out of Season

Another way to travel to Mauritius on a budget is to avoid the main holiday breaks when everyone wants to go away. This includes, of course, Christmas and New Year, peak season and party time for all age groups and all nationalities. You end up paying much more on packages, specials and room rates, activities, food and drinks. Why not travel to Mauritius during June or July when hotels drop their rates remarkably and the crowds are nowhere near huge. You still get sunny warm weather and you will have space to choose your water sports and nightly entertainments!

Local Homes Open to You

Local Mauritians have opened their homes in a scheme called Homestay where tourists book a room in someone’s home and learn more about the culture and food. This way you get the true value you’re your money and real experience with real people. You get the keys to come and go and you have a host who looks after you. Before you arrive, you can connect with your host and learn more about the area and your accommodation than you ever thought possible. Yes, you can travel to Mauritius on a budget and have even more fun than a hotel package deal!

Start right here with us, and we will assist you to find the right package deal, budget hotel or homestay accommodation. We will assist you to choose the right period and the right area too.