Responsible Yacht Safaris

Picture two elite catamaran yachts with enough space for eight people each. Now picture one of those people like you on yacht safaris, standing on the spacious deck admiring the crimson sunrise. See yourself tucking into fantastic cuisine as the sun sets into the sea, the only sound being that if your yacht cruising splashily through the water. It is time to do it, to book that Mozambique yacht safari that takes you into Tanzania as well. Explore untouched islands, forgotten cultures and feel as if you are back-tracking in time.

Bespoke sail and safari itineraries into East Africa
When you decide to tailor-make your yacht safari into east Africa, we have one super-efficient management team to handle all your personal travel arrangements under one umbrella. So when you do, book and plan your unique yacht charter into Mozambique, it will be stress-free! Not only do we understand the implications of long-distance bookings, but so too do we appreciate the way that Mozambique works…
So how does it all work, you may ask? We give you our yacht safari itineraries into Tanzania and you do the rest – get your friends together, decide whether you are going to be diving, fishing or snorkelling along the way, or all three. We can design a special package deal for you that includes everything except drinks, tips and personal expenses.
In other words, your yacht safari with Voyage2Africa will be all-inclusive of your island-hopping journey, full board accommodation in double or twin en-suite cabins with air-conditioning for eight guests, all linen and meals, use of all sports equipment including fishing gear, diving equipment, fun floating toys and snorkel gear. It also includes the well-qualified crew of skipper, chef, first mate/host/hostess, divemaster and an additional subject guide if needed e.g. birding, plant specialist or other. How is that for service with a smile?

See the protected cultural and environmental beauty of Mozambique and Tanzania!

By the way, Ibo Island Lodge is the only operator in Mozambique’s Quirimbas Archipelago to offer fully-guided, tailor-made, yacht safaris to adventurers like you – your scheduled departure expedition leaves the island and heads north through the Quirimbas into Tanzanian waters. You often sail in the dead of night and dock on the shores of deserted islands.

Did you know that in a beautiful part of Tanzania there is a famous United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site where ruins tell stories of lives lived long ago?

According to this very necessary global organisation, “Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations. Our cultural and natural heritage are both irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration.” This could not be truer in Africa.
So you too can discover Kilwa, which actually means ‘Place of Fish’, from your luxury catamaran, then sailing onwards to explore Mafia island and the Quirimbas islands with our renowned Mozambique Yacht Safaris.

If you consider yourself a responsible traveller, you will be pleased to know that UNESCO aims to “encourage the identification, protection and preservation of cultural and natural heritage around the world considered to be of outstanding value to humanity.” In 1972 UNESCO adopted the Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage and today is still identifying sites of significance that need to be conserved into the future.

Kilwa for intrigue, the Quirimbas for fishing

On that note, you will need a few days to do this as Kilwa alone is not one place but three different destinations. With Mozambique Yacht Safaris you can cruise the Tanzanian coast, go and explore Kilwa Kisiwane, Kilwa Kivinje and Kilwa Masoko, then combine this with a yacht charter into the Quirimbas Archipelago. You will stand in awe and take in the current restoration of these ruins while your guide enlightens you about their origin.
Responsible travel is all about seeing such sites and having as little impact on them as possible. So if you want to learn more about the history of Tanzania, then Kilwa is worth seeing – despite the fact that it is off the beaten track. Taking a Mozambique / Tanzania yacht charter to this UNESCO World Heritage Site destination adds excitement and luxury to the adventure. We believe that combining Mozambique and Tanzania on one cruise is a logical way to tailor-make your yacht charter and we are here to assist you to choose your itinerary with care.
While many tourists head straight for Zanzibar, the tiny island of Mafia remains unexplored and it will feel as if you are travelling back in time when you sail there onboard our luxury Lagoon 52 catamarans as part of your private yacht charter into the Quirimbas from Mozambique.
Explore Mafia which is deemed one of the safest holiday destinations in Africa! It is famed for its rich biodiversity and its incredible diving where divers see a wealth of corals, turtles and fish species enough to take your breath away. Mafia is a marine park and joins the destination of Kilwa (a UNESCO site) as a protected site in the Indian Ocean.

Sailing around the islands of the Mozambique Quirimbas Archipelago and then to Tanzania’s Mafia and Kilwa is a cultural sail and safari yachting experience like no other! Our professional crew will take you to see history and culture and marine biodiversity that will change the way you perceive things.

Sustainable tourism – great packages available

This is sustainable tourism at its best – see the natural world without affecting it negatively and by spending your money wisely, you contribute to the livelihoods of ancient cultures and to the conservation of endangered species. Our natural and cultural heritage here in Africa deserves recognition and conservation and you can be part of this when you travel responsibly with Mozambique Yacht Safaris.

The Quirimbas section of the yacht charter takes you to Matemo Island where you can explore the beaches and spend time snorkelling and swimming. Go fishing at Rolas Island, completely deserted and natural, a paradise in its own right! Matemo is home to a small fishing community whom you will meet.

We like to assure our guests that all safety measures are put in place to make your sailing holiday as special as possible. However, all sailors need to note that our yachts are all privately owned and we lease them specifically to take you on spectacular Mozambique yacht charter holidays. The yachts are all unique and are subject to availability. If it so happens that one yacht is not available for a particular safari, we do our very best to replace that yacht with one that is very similar.

If you don’t want to hire an entire luxury yacht, why not enjoy a scheduled cabin cruise? These can last as long as two to three weeks where guests tailor makes their Mozambique yacht charters. The good news is that there is no minimum charter length – as long as your private charter does not interfere with someone else’s established booking!

Come on, the choice is yours, the time has come – yacht charters into East Africa are the way to go.