The Top 5 natural wonders of Africa

It is hard to judge which are the top 5 natural wonders of Africa but we have a list here that will enthral and astound you, entice you to see sights and attractions you never thought possible. With Voyage2Africa, we also promise you excellent value for money as you decide which of these mind-boggling natural wonders will also make your top 5 hits in Africa. Add to your adventure world-class accommodation and six-star service and you have the holiday of a lifetime. Read on…

  • The Great Migration

It is amazing that around the same time every year, year in and year out, millions of wildebeest gather to start their movement towards better grazing and drinking grounds. During this Great Wildebeest Migration, the animals move instinctively in a clockwise direction from the Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area in the south of Tanzania, through the Serengeti National Park and then north towards the Masai Mara reserve in Kenya.

The first phase of the Great Migration lasts three months, from January to March. Then the females drop their calves in the lush rain-watered savannas so that there is food for them and their offspring. They are preceded by thousands of zebras and followed by thousands of more gazelles.

We honestly believe that the Great Migration is one of the most remarkable natural phenomena that you can experience globally that will change the way you think about nature. The world. Survival.

Thousands of wild animals running some 18,641 square miles have created what scientists reckon is the earth’s largest overland migration, and also the lengthiest in terms of distance and time. The Great Migration is mainly the movement of wildebeest, and with them run about 200 000 zebras. Book your journey in style from July to August in Kenya when the animals cross the Mara River.

  • Namaqualand, Namibia and South Africa

Discover the place of flowers – a semi-arid desert area famous for its vast blue skies and infinite deserts that stretch as far as the eye can see. Namaqualand invites you to witness nature’s great phenomenon and if you pick your time perfectly and you will be treated to an enchanting display of millions upon millions of wildflowers bursting into life. When you are there out of season, you could be anywhere on the West Coast, but when you are there in flower season, you could be in paradise.

The Namaqualand is an enormous natural wonder, an area that stretches from the Northern Cape to the edge of Namibia with the huge Orange River one of its borders, as well as the harsh West Coast. If you want to see flowers in the extreme north of this region, go to Alexander Bay which is considered the centre of the flower route where a huge lichen field can be found on the top of a hill and where wonderful birds roost and breed. Here too lie important diamond mines but it is the wildlife and wildflower scenery that steal the show every mid-September.

For the best flowers, from August onwards, do include the West Coast National Park in your travels and a cruise around the famous Postberg flowers where healthy herds of Eland wander and the ocean is clear indigo. Pop into Paternoster, Yzerfontein and Saldanha and buy a few curios or try fresh fish for lunch.

  • Underwater Waterfall, Mauritius

Most travellers head to Mauritius for the white beaches, the deep-sea diving and the relaxing time spent sunbathing, sipping cocktails beside beautiful sparkling swimming pools and seeing something warm and picturesque. What many people do not know is that this chunk of land that floats 2 000km off the South African coast features a very real underwater waterfall. This is actually an optical illusion where sand and silt have generated a dramatic underwater hill which looks like water falling underwater. Go there to be stunned by the beauty of this natural wonder and you will return home a different person.

  • Avenue of the Baoba, Menabe, Madasgar

If you love trees, unusual trees, then you will love the Avenue of Baobabs in Menabe, Madagascar. Another island destination which usually brings tourists to its sugary beaches, its azure ocean waves and fantastic underwater wildlife, it also offers something unusual. The line of huge Baobabs grows along the dirt road between Morondava and Belon’i Tsiribihina and is fast becoming one of the most famous natural wonders in Madagascar. It is hugely exciting to walk down this road, in the presence of giants, still growing, huge branches reaching skywards and roots holding the trees anchored to the soil.

  • Okavango Delta

The fan-shaped Okavango Delta is known as the Jewel of Botswana and is possibly the most unique ecosystem in Africa. Visit this pristine wildlife region that ranks top in the world for its unique wetland system flowing through a desert. Fed by the huge Okavango River, floodwaters pour into the Delta every year if the rains are “normal”. All of this water, in turn, nourishes the land and numerous plants grow and flower – there are more than 1300 species of flowering plants to date recorded! We believe that dreams are made of this – feel the heart-stopping excitement of seeing the big game from the seat of a traditional Mokoro. Expert local guides take visitors through the blue-green maze of lagoons and channels in the Delta to be amazed around every corner.

Feel the thrill of seeing rare birds and beasts. Game drives or walking safaris with professional game rangers ensure electrifying game viewing. Guides spoil visitors with their encyclopaedic knowledge of the bush world around them. Revel in finding unique wild creatures hiding in lush vegetation. The Okavango Delta is a World Heritage Site and definitely one of the top 5 natural wonders of Africa.

Take your pick of these top 5 natural wonders of Africa which each offer something unique for nature lovers, adventurers and safari enthusiasts. Not only will you experience pristine beaches and clear ocean waters, but so too will you enjoy time to relax and see glorious sights you never knew existed.