White Sands of Mauritius

Trou aux Biches Resort & Spa

26 April 2017

It seems that everyone goes to Mauritius for its glorious white sands. Beaches that beckon thanks to their beauty, their location, their water sports and their privacy. You get the busy beaches where the white sands display thousands of footprints every day, where music is played and children are laughing. Then you get the quiet coves where quiet people seek romance and privacy and here, there are maybe only your footprints showing on the white sands.

Mauritius is for everyone: honeymoon couples, couples seeking rejuvenation, families and business travellers. Mauritius boasts white sands around every corner and we are going to show you a few great beaches and hotels right here…Go west for the perfect sunsets and shallow water for children and go south for big surfing waves and some islands to explore offshore on daily picnic outings. Yes, Mauritius has white sands for everyone.

  1. Grand Baie

You will have to go boating in Grand Baie where the boats seem to take over the sheltered emerald waters of this energetic place. It is not easy to swim here to make sure you clamber on board a windsurfer or a sailing boat and enjoy the ride. Go shopping, drinking and dining here and wander a bit further until you find the much loved small cove of Péreybère and La Cuvette – where you can swim and lie peacefully on the sands.

  1. Trou aux Biches

Families love this beach for its shallow water and gentle waves. It’s a pretty, white beach with the plus of shade from the casuarina trees and some lovely snorkelling. Divers will find some of the island’s most popular sites, from the fish-filled Aquarium to sunken wrecks at Water Lily. Maybe you want to catch the next deep sea fishing trip which sets sail from here too?

  1. Île aux Cerfs

This beach can be very crowded on weekends so go during the week and see who is there – tourists, honeymoon couples, fitness freaks and more. This bright white sand bar beach is like an island and gets its name from the stags (cerfs) that once roamed here. Try something exciting from the range of water sports you can choose from, from banana boat rides to parasailing, speed boats to a pirate boat for the younger ones. Have a brisk walk around the island circuit and wade across to the tiny Ilot Mangenie. Find a very private place to hide and get your butler if you book through Le Touessrok Hotel.

  1. Belle Mare Plage

If you love diving in Mauritius, then you must dive The Pass, the east’s most famous dive site and then go windsurfing. Belle Mare has been voted the 6th best beach in Africa and is loved by every traveller who tastes its delights. It can get windy during August and September but this eases the heat. If you love swimming, head to the beautiful Pereyebere beach with its crystal clear warm water but be aware of the crowds at weekends and holidays. Luckily the beach is a long 10km and you can escape to your own piece of paradise to escape the motorboats and tourists having so much fun. You may bump into someone famous on Belle Mare Plage but when swimming is careful of the currents which are stronger than the other coasts.

  1. Blue Bay

Blue Bay is part of a protected marine park where the underwater wonderland is a sight to behold. Locals and visitors love it. Book a boat trip in a glass-bottomed vessel to see amazing marine creatures and corals. Snorkel on an island-hopping excursion around islands you never thought existed and enjoy a fish barbeque later on white sands as the sunsets.

  1. Mont Choisy Beach

A lovely long 3km beach curving around a still bay between Pointe aux Cannoniers and Mont Choisy. Sit in the shade of the casuarina trees while you watch sun lovers and swimmers come and go, blending in and enjoying with you. Stroll the long beach seeking your own spot and stay there for a few hours, meditating in paradise. Avoid weekends unless you love being part of a colourful crowd.

  1. Pereybere Beach

Meet local Mauritians here who love its small intimate feel and lack of litter. Walk over the rocks to find more private places to chill with a book and watch fish flit about in the clear waters. Buy a bite to eat from the fast-food stalls spread along the beach selling kebabs, sandwiches and also fresh pineapple. Or head into one of the many commercial restaurants close to the beach serving drinks, Chinese, Mauritian and International cuisine.

  1. Anse La Raie Beach

Find this beautiful beach near the village of Calodyne, in the north of Mauritius. Enjoy stunning views of the north Indian Ocean in a more peaceful and quiet environment where you can play in the clean and clear waters of the lagoons. Go snorkelling and dabble in a bit of Mauritius kite surfing if that is what grabs your fancy!

If you park at Anse La Raie beach, you can still find a great beach a small walk away. Cross the rocks to your northeast and walk along the shore until you see shallow waters and a small sandy beach. The tide does rise quickly but you should have fun all the same.

The white sands of Mauritius are appealing and addictive. One holiday leads to another and another just to find more white sandy beaches to play on. From the popular full beaches to the smaller hidden coves where you can be private, Mauritius has it all. Book your hotel accommodation with us.