South Coast of Mauritius

Experience an off the beaten track holiday in the South Coast. Romantic and extraordinarily beautiful, this region is ideal for honeymoons and romantic breaks. It is largely untouched by mass tourism and remains a constant reminder of the once wild and pristine the whole island looked before the boom of Mauritius tourism.


Experience a different kind of Mauritius holiday on golden sand beaches so different to the white sand beaches on the other shorelines. Raging seas, rugged landscapes, towering cliffs plus verdant vegetation, all combine to make the South Coast a place of absolute beauty. Soak up the timeless ambiance of this breathtaking region on your honeymoon.


Visit the Robert Edouard Hart Musuem and feast your eyes on the Rochester Falls, one of the most beautiful warterfalls on the island, located not far from Souillac village.


Add variety to your holiday in Mauritius with a visit to Vanilla Crocodile Park where you can observe crocodiles and other reptiles. Le Val Nature Park will not fail to impress with its display of monkeys, tortoise and birds, among other critters. Enjoy the best snorkeling and diving in Mauritius in the Blue Bay Marine Park, which protects rich coral reefs.

Built under the Dutch, this historical landmark plus the remnants of ancient fortifications constructed under the French are located in the south-east. Find time to visit these sites for a dose of history and cultural experience.