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Diving with majestic Whale sharks and Manta rays is a thrilling ocean activity in the small coastal town of Tofo in south-east Mozambique so book your dreamy beach resort accommodation with Mozambique Travel today. Come to a life-changing Inhambane seaside destination where our top-of-the-range Mozambique holiday accommodation beckons and the sun always rises. 

Aim to see an abundance of marine life when you choose to fish and dive on special Tofo holiday packages with the added pleasure of staying in awesome self-catering houses, luxury lodges and rustic beach camps. We offer great diving and fishing deals for your Mozambique break.

Head to our top Inhambane spot, Tofo Beach, on Barra Peninsula some 400km outside the capital of Maputo to dive with the biggest concentrations of whale sharks in the entire country. Book your Mozambique flights to arrive between October and March, to get a sighting of pods of whales at the same time. Choose rustic chic accommodation attached to famous dive charters in Mozambique-style villas and chalets, so you can dive the Indian Ocean reefs and seabed all day and braai all night. 

Did you know?

Tourism in Tofo centres around diving with Manta rays and Whale sharks, charismatic species endemic to this bay all year round. Dive more than 20 m to see both species at Manta Reef and Gallaria, top dive sites.


  • Live music and parties make Tofo feel like the south of Spain.
  • Support the local market for self-catering holidays and buy fresh prawns and crayfish – local fishermen will pass by most cottages every morning. 
  • Beautiful beach walks – walk to Barra one way 90 minutes and to Tofinho in a few minutes to marvel at the scenery and catch a wave or two.
  • Inhambane is the largest cashew nut growing area in Mozambique and the versatile coconut and citrus fruits also come from here.

Surf, Fish and Eat in Tofo

Once a charming fishing village, Tofo has grown into a vibrant Mozambique holiday resort with long white beaches, warm weather and jaw-dropping views. Surfers flock to Tofo Beach, running from a rocky point in the south up much of the length of Ponto do Barra. Meet other down-to-earth visitors around pub tables and in restaurants and discuss your experiences while watching the sea. Delight in fresh prawns at funky backpacker lodges and shop at the sole small African street market for fresh produce and small odds and ends.

Fishermen can try their luck at hooking King Mackerel, Dorado, Wahoo, Bonito and Yellow-fin Tuna during peak season from June to August. Hire a horse from the stables and ride along the beach in warm sea breezes. Hotels in the area have taken it upon themselves to set up a resident ecological centre for local sea life to manage and guide responsible tourism. 

School holiday periods tend to be busy with many South Africans and others visiting tiny Tofo during the best weather. They also come to sample the best ever fresh seafood, a huge attraction in Tofo from grilled red snapper to lobster and huge prawns peri-peri – and it’s all affordable too. Surfers, sun seekers, families, business delegates looking for an opportunity and pro divers all meet here and love the tropical beach atmosphere. 

Family Holidays to Tofo

Take your family on a captivating safari tour to the gorgeous beaches of Tofo, a haven of biodiversity and great coastal accommodation. Take the kids to see the awesome surf, dunes and whales, then book a dive with whale sharks and manta rays. A few days in Tofo are refreshing, educational and active too – quite a thrill for families and friends who want to be out on beaches and in warm waters all day.    

We show you top-of-the-range beach resorts and rustic cabins in this region where children will feel in awe and want to run free. There are walks, boat rides, scuba dives and snorkelling adventures. Get a boat and go fish. Visit the local people and taste their food. It’s a diverse holiday in paradise and family suites are available wherever you go!

The Best Of The Best Safaris to Tofo

Plan a Mozambique tour and safari with Voyage2Africa, the African travel experts, and enjoy signature experiences to premier beach destinations south of the equator. We bring you thrilling adventures in the infinite spaces of the great Inhambane so choose a rustic chic beach cabin with luxury facilities and get ready to explore more of Tofo soon. We offer you some of the best accommodation and special packages in Mozambique to expand your holiday in true African style.

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