Satellite Islands of Zanzibar

Heading out to the satellite islands off the coast of Tanzania is refreshing. Find fewer visitors on these islands as most tourists go straight to popular Zanzibar. Discover an untouched paradise where pristine beaches and island bays await. The adventure begins with the journey to the islands – take a dhow or private charter from Stone Town.


Start with the largest of the satellite islands, Pemba Island, lying only 40km northeast of Zanzibar. Explore its 3 historical towns and ancient remnants of a past long gone. Some ruins are covered in roots and moss as nature takes over. Be amazed that this is one of the most heavily populated areas of Tanzania.


Come across the powder white beaches of glorious and tiny Mnemba Island, lying 5km from Zanzibar’s east coast. The pristine coral reef just off the beach provides the most fantastic snorkelling opportunities for guests lost in their own private island nirvana.


  • MILITARY PAST: Eco-travellers will be delighted to know that they too can enjoy barefoot luxury on Chumbe Island. Only about 9km from Stone Town, this island was a Tanzanian military base and there was restricted access to the surrounding ocean. As a result, the corals in this part of the world remain unspoilt.
  • CONSERVATION ETHOS: When the military left, the area became a marine conservation area. You may be lucky enough to spot the elusive Suni antelope hiding in thickets in the interior. What the island lacks in beach quality, Chumbe makes it up with the most extraordinary snorkelling and diving opportunities.

A sightseeing tour of Changuu Private Island Paradise, also known as Prison Island, is revealing. This island actually famous for its lack of a prison and renowned for its colossal tortoises. Observe these remarkable beings which were brought from Seychelles almost a century ago.


A trip out to Bawe Tropical Island is a must-do. So tiny and so perfect,this isle offers some of the best beaches in the region. Find this romantic setting only 8km from Stone Town in Zanzibar’s west – yet to be discovered by many intrepid travellers.

Zanzibar’s satellite islands are exceptional. It does not matter which island you find yourself holidaying, the allure is equally enchanting. Speak to our seasoned travel experts for help on crafting the holiday of your dreams:

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