Mozambique Traveller’s Guide

Mozambique has 10 provinces that can be grouped into the following three regions: Northern Mozambique features Cabo Delgado, Nampula and Niassa provinces; Central Mozambique comprises Manica, Sofala, Tete and Zambezia provinces and Southern Mozambique is home to Gaza, Inhambane, Vilankulo, Maputo and the Bazaruto Archipelago. Destinations for all budgets, for all kinds of travellers from intrepid bushwhackers and safari enthusiasts to high-class yacht sailors, beach bums and scuba divers. Honeymoons are top in Mozambique and family holidays rate some of the best in the world. Book your tickets today.

Northern Mozambique

Travel to the north of Mozambique and you will find diversity and adventure – from burgeoning cities and railway tracks leading into Africa to historical islands and exquisite beaches. Yes, you will find the idyllic Quirimbas Archipelago and access to the shores of Lake Malawi (Lake Niassa) and you will become absorbed with the heritage of this beautiful country.

Remote islands and Charming Towns

Northern Mozambique is renowned for its wilderness in the form of more than 30 tiny islands scattered across the Indian Ocean. And Metangula town is the largest Mozambican development on the shores of Lake Niassa where a few lakeside lodges offer funky accommodation to intrepid travellers. Not far away you can explore the tiny village of Chuwanga and its charming beach, making it a popular weekend getaway from Lichinga town.

Manda Wilderness Project and Romance

Discover the Manda Wilderness Project, formed between Nkwichi Lodge, The Manda Wilderness Community Trust (MWCT) and the Manda Wilderness Agriculture Project, working with more than 20,000 people in sixteen villages spread over an area of 250,000 hectares. A great example of sustainable tourism to get involved with. Pop into Niassa Game Reserve to see wild animals in their untouched habitat and don’t forget to spend a few days on Ilha de Mozambique where fascinating history and architecture fill your days. This region is ideal for honeymoon couples who love exploring all dimensions of a beautiful country.

Central Mozambique

The central region of Mozambique is wild and the resting place for Gorongosa National Park, one of the wildest game reserves in the world. Taking the latest and greatest conservation models, new owners have decided to get out there and balance the needs of both people and wildlife in the region. The community needs to meet wildlife needs is a great example of sustainable tourism and responsible travel. The park is run using scientific research which guides the conservationists to make vital decisions. This park is considered one of the most biodiverse places on Earth today. Four provinces have equal importance to the success of Mozambique as a quality tourism and business destination.

Business and Leisure Entertainment

Beira is the second largest town in the country and Tete a meeting place for business travellers who are investing in the region and beyond its borders into Malawi and Zimbabwe. Check out Cahora Bassa while you are there and take a boat cruise to Santa Carolina, a tiny island at the mouth of the Limpopo River. The island is also known as Paradise Island, measures just 2 miles by 0.3 miles in size, and is a true rock island with deep channels. Santa Carolina has three beautiful beaches with coral reefs close to the shore forming part of the Bazaruto Archipelago. What a way to entertain your family and close friends – with a bush-beach safari and much city fun in between.

Southern Mozambique

This region is very popular with tourists who love to head straight to Maputo to get some action than on to Inhambane’s stunning beaches for much-needed R&R. There is so much in the way of extensive white beaches, endless azure ocean horizons and diverse water sports to keep adrenalin junkies happy day in and day out. Six bustling cities are home to millions of people and the Bazaruto Archipelago one of the most beautiful spots on the continent with great diving and some upmarket resorts on deserted islands.

4×4 Territory

Bilene is the closest popular beach to Maputo accessible by non-4×4 vehicles and Inhassoro a delightful coastal beach town, with access to Vilanculos. You simply have to make time for the Maputo Special Reserve – formerly known as the Maputo Elephant Reserve – where animal populations are growing rapidly making it a popular day trip from Maputo or a good stopover place on the way to Ponta D’Ouro.

Dolphins, Horses and Luxury Villas

Swim with the dolphins at Ponta d’Ouro and ride horses along deserted beaches. Take a drive to Tofo Beach were swimming with Whale sharks is a big attraction and finding Manta rays deep down a huge thrill. Try windsurfing at Vilanculos before setting off for a luxury villa on one of the decadent Bazaruto Archipelago islands. Take your best friends to the south to revel in Maputo’s nightlife, elephant sightings and time to deep-sea dive and walk long beaches.

Check out some of the classiest destinations in the world where fancy accommodation, spectacular wildlife and dreamy beaches await those who have the guts to get to Mozambique and discover her amazing treasures. Come and learn more about the culture, the history, the glamour and the beautiful scenery.

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