Why you should visit Botswana in the Green Season

There are many wonderful reasons to visit Botswana. We have special reasons why you should visit Botswana in the Green Season though. What is the difference, you may ask, between visiting Botswana in the dry season or in the green season? Lots. And it depends on what turns you on: plenty of water and lush...
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Kubu Lodge

The best safari camps in Chobe

For some of the best safari camps in Chobe, we recommend a few top-end facilities on the river and a few in the biodiverse Chobe National Park. A wildlife safari into Botswana is not the same without several days immersed in the watery wonderlands of Chobe, in a rustic yet luxury safari camp. See some...
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Top Tented Safari experiences in Africa

Some of the top tented safari experiences in Africa bring guests to the forefront of the bush, to feel what it is like to really BE in nature. Staying in a room of canvas allows the sounds of animals and birds to enter your space, while still keeping you warm and dry. Tented safari camps...
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8 Botswana Tours you have to experience

Botswana is such a diverse and exciting destination that it is popular with adventure safari enthusiasts, honeymoon couples, families, travellers on their own and business travellers. We have 8 Botswana Tours you simply have to experience – there is something for everyone in the wild heart of the Okavango Delta, the stark beauty of the...
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Karen Blixen Camp

Discover 10 of Africa’s All-Stars

Africa gets into your bones once you have visited her. If you are born an African, the safari is your home away from home and the continent your adventure playground. All travellers to Africa feel her pull in the landscapes, the wildlife and birds, the flora and the interconnectedness of everything. Africa reminds you who...
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Why Not Spend 2017 Travelling to These 10 Amazing Places

Why not spend 2017 travelling to these 10 amazing places? Or at least try to get to a few of them or even one of them? We have selected a few amazing places in South Africa, Malawi, Mozambique, Botswana, the Maldives, Kenya and Zanzibar but Africa is brimming with beautiful holiday destinations for you and...
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