The best wedding venues in Mauritius

Mauritius is romantic. That goes without saying. White beaches, soft blue waves, endless flat ocean horizons, stunning crimson sunsets and perfect golden sunrises, gorgeous accommodation and service that beats top global standards. So naturally, it follows that Mauritius is the first choice for weddings – check out our best 5 wedding venues in Mauritius today:...
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How to travel to Mauritius on a budget

Whenever we think of Mauritius and going on a beach holiday to this paradise, we think of flights and transfers and hotels and getting around and activities and, and, and – we get stressed because we think it will not fit into our budget. Now we can share with you how to travel to Mauritius...
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Travel Destinations Around the World

There are so many wonderful travel destinations around the world to chat about that we have decided to focus on Africa and its amazing choice of exciting travel opportunities. Africa includes safari tours, wilderness trails, pristine beaches and islands, forests and mountains, deserts and lakes. Africa is brimming with wildlife and conservation areas, game reserves...
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Trou aux Biches Resort & Spa

White Sands of Mauritius

26 April 2017 It seems that everyone goes to Mauritius for its glorious white sands. Beaches that beckon thanks to their beauty, their location, their water sports and their privacy. You get the busy beaches where the white sands display thousands of footprints every day, where music is played and children are laughing. Then you...
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