What happens on Safari

When you book your safari into Africa, you want to know what is going to happen, day by day, hour by hour. You want to be able to plan ahead and juggle how much game viewing time you will get as opposed to relaxation, eating and learning. You want to throw in a daily bush walk and you want to just sit on your private deck with your binoculars, waiting for birds and wild animals to fill the lens. So, we are going to introduce you to a day in the life of a guests on safari then you will know what happens on safari:

Arrival and settling in

When you arrive at your preferred destination in a world class safari destination because you have booked a package deal with Voyage2Africa, you are greeted by local staff with authentic enthusiasm. Maybe you get a wet cloth to clean face and hands with, a fruity cocktail and something to nibble on. Maybe you are led straight to your five-star chalet for coffee on the private deck and a quick peep at the awesome river or wilderness views. You will then enjoy a meal together with other guests and start your safari adventure the next day. This is how your day will probably look:

Morning game drive and brunch

Dawn: a wake-up call or ring to get dressed and join everyone for coffee and rusks on the deck before game drive departure

Just after dawn: climb into an open game viewing vehicle with fellow guests, grab a blanket if needed and set off on an early morning game drive. Drive for about 2 hours before your pro game ranger and expert tracker pull over in a beautiful spot for coffee and rusks again. You will really enjoy this treat in the heart of the wilderness as wild animals and birds commune around you.

Mid-morning: Set off again for another hour or two to see more game then head back to your camp or safari lodge for an awesome brunch where you can choose all kinds of things to eat. Often this includes fresh fruits, cereals, yoghurts, cold meats and cheeses, warm bread rolls and a cooked choice of eggs and bacon and extras.


Midday siesta or exercise

Midday: time for your relaxation – read a book, swim in the lodge swimming pool, book a spa session or watch game from your deck. Some guests like to exercise so can hit the gym if there is one or play a game of tennis or something if there is one. Other guests like to have a siesta.

Evening game drive with sundowners

Late afternoon: get ready for your evening and night game drive – dress warmly and get camera and binoculars ready. You set off after a quick cup of tea into the bush again, this time in another direction, or to take off from where you stopped this morning. Drive until sunset then turn off the road for an organised sundowner session on a rise to watch the sunset and the nocturnal creatures start to emerge. There is so much peace at this moment when you are alone in nature, listening and being.

Nighttime is eat and sleep time

Early evening: back to camp to freshen up for a dinner in the boma around a roaring log fire. Sit down to a 3 or 4-course meal where you are treated to fresh venison, vegetables, soups and desserts. Enjoy world-class wines and drinks with your meal.

Nighttime: sleep like the dead!

Some afternoons can be spent walking with a ranger into the bush on an informative bush trail where you may stalk white rhinos or antelope or see some stunning small game such as porcupines, warthogs and meerkats. Everything you experience on a bush trail is educational and rewarding and reminds you that people are in fact a part of nature and that we need to conserve all living things for the future.

We suggest this kind of day in Africa and if you like what happens on safari, then get on the phone and ask us about our best packages into Africa to see the game on foot, from a 4×4 vehicle or from a boat.

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