Okavango Delta

Experience the Jewel of Botswana, the Okavango Delta, possibly the most unique ecosystem in Africa. Visit this pristine wildlife region that ranks top in the world for its unique wetland system flowing through a desert.


Hippos, crocodiles and more than 70 species of fish feeding in the Okavango’s mighty waters, while hundreds of smaller amphibians and reptiles jostle for their place in this aquatic paradise. Amongst the cats and elephants, spot brown and spotted hyenas, and black and white rhinoceroses. One of the densest packs of the African Wild Dog in Africa thrives in this food rich environment that is the Moremi. Bird lovers will also appreciate the more than 400 species of birds and their incredible cacophony of sound.


Dreams are made of this. Feel the heart-stopping excitement of seeing the big game from the seat of a traditional Mokoro. Expert local guides take visitors through the blue-green maze of lagoons and channels in the Delta to be amazed around every corner. Feel the thrill of seeing rare birds and beasts. Game drives or walking safaris with professional game rangers ensure electrifying game viewing. Guides spoil visitors with their encyclopaedic knowledge of the bush world around them. Revel in finding unique wild creatures hiding in lush vegetation.


The fan-shaped Delta is fed by the huge Okavango River. Millions of tonnes of sand carried down the river from Angola arrive with the annual rains, swelling the Okavango River and flooding the Delta. Abundant water means abundant plants (more than 1300 species of flowering plants to date)- a huge attraction for the wealthy bird and wildlife.


The Okavango Delta offers a huge range of accommodation,from exclusive luxury to earthy rustic. You can be assured that all camps and lodges retain an authentic bush aesthetic. In addition, most accommodation options have been built using sustainable building practices with as little impact on the environment as possible.