Explore Africa in Style



Africa is filled with once-in-a-lifetime bucket-list safari experiences. There’s so much on offer: from trekking into the secret emerald world of the rainforests to encounter gorillas, to hot-air balloon flights over the vast herds of the Great Migration. African safari adventures come in all shapes and sizes, from family-friendly whale-watching to world-class scuba diving experiences.


One of the many pleasures of going away on holiday is the food you are going to sample, the food you don’t have to cook and the time to try different tastes. 

So you want to add a bit of history and culture to your holiday in Africa, do you? Voyage2Africa is here to assist you in making this dream come true.

There are only 2 African destinations offering mind-boggling gorilla trekking expeditions to intrepid travellers where maybe you can also see chimpanzees. 

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Many travellers will greet Cape Town has it all and we at Voyage2Africa will prove to you that the Mother City’s beaches and the wildness of the bush within the continent’s interior to Botswana make the best safari ever.

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The word safari actually means journey and the choice of safari holidays in Southern African can be daunting. Voyage2Africa is here to take you on safari to see wildlife, untamed wilderness areas and luxury lodges.

Family experiences

Family holidays in Africa can only be the best fun ever with Voyage2Africa. Travelling with children is daring in itself but if you can take your children into a paradise setting with you, then memories are made so much easier.

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The concept of theSpa, for health and wellness, has taken off at luxury lodges worldwide. Voyage2Africa can take you to some of the best spa and wellness centres in Africa.

The ultimate adventure in Africa happens when you choose to Voyage2Africa. It happens when you grab the opportunity to really explore a land full of wonder and beauty. 

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One of the best ways to see Africa is combining thrilling cityscape breaks with time in the wilderness. This way, you balance out shoping and eating out with your need to connect with nature.

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Driving oneself on holiday is a special way to see Africa. It is the best way to do things your way, without having to stick to someone else’s itinerary, times and hotels. 

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A beach is a wonderful place where people seek out relaxation. Voyage2Africa knows that being on white sandy shores where turquoise waves ebb and flow is the epitome of tranquillity. 

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A unique way to see Africa is to journey in style by train. The Shongololo Express and Rovos Rail are two very special trains, taking travellers into Africa in a very special way.