Seychelles Beach Holidays


Romance knows no bounds in Seychelles, a string of Indian Ocean Islands providing the perfect setting for dream tropical beach holidays. Couples can discover exciting island escapes in this sun-splashed nirvana, its untouched coral reefs, postcard-perfect beaches, and swaying palm trees. The Seychelles is truly a magical place. An idyllic holiday destination for travelers seeking complete escapism in an awe-inspiring setting.

Many of the 115 islands in the Seychelles archipelago remain uninhabited and untouched.  Mahé is the biggest atoll and home to most of the mixed Seychellois communities – an eclectic blend of French, British, and African influences, with more recent infusions of Chinese and Indian elements. Savour mouth-watering Creole cuisine with Indian, French, and oriental influences. One of the most popular meals is fresh fish grilled over hot coals made with coconut husks for a special taste and aroma!

Visitors can stay in a range of 5-star hotels and exclusive island resorts, as well as budget accommodation in choice self-catering units and guest houses. Seychelles is well-loved as a remote and unique African ocean destination packed with scuba diving, snorkeling, ocean activities, and unforgettable sunsets. Get to know its treasures with us.  

Did you know?

Seychelles allocates 42% of its territory for conservation and can share many success stories about wildlife protection – such as its national bird, the rare Seychelles black parrot.


  • The largest population of Giant Tortoises in the world, numbering 150,000 individuals, lives solely on the atoll of Aldabra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
  • The coco de mer, a species of palm sometimes nicknamed the “love nut” (the shape of its “double” coconut resembles buttocks) produces the world’s heaviest seed. 
  • The highest point in Seychelles, Morne Seychellois (905 m), on Mahé, rises from more than 40 mountainous granitic islands. 
  • The popular 60-minute Anse Major Nature Trail leads to Anse Beach and part of the Morne Seychellois National Park. 
  • Bicycle around La Digue, a tiny island where once only ancient oxcarts were used, sadly slowly disappearing from the island.

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Denis Island Seychelles

Discover an island that exists as its own organism, floating in the Indian Ocean like a tiny rock. Book your tropical Seychelles island holiday if you are an adventurous explorer and stay a while to experience the magic of Denis Island. Explore this environmental utopia, fringed with pure white sands and swaying palm trees.

Mahe Seychelles

Most people know Mahe as a large island hosting most of the people of the Seychelles. What they don’t know is that this vast populated island also offers more than 60 spectacular beaches, a rich Creole culture and cuisine, mind-blowing forests, waterfalls and mountain hikes, exquisite view sites and some wonderful water sports too across clear turquoise ocean waters.

North Island Seychelles

Take a thrilling helicopter flip from Mahe in the Seychelles to North Island, a 20-minute adventure where you look down upon clear azure ocean waters and islands fringed with white beaches. Maybe a whale will breach as you fly over, or a pod of dolphins rise to wave their fins?

Praslin Seychelles

If you want to get away from it all, catch a plane to Praslin. A large island with very few people and plenty of wild corners. A laid-back, sleepy place where you simply have to slow down to fit in, to look around you and to really appreciate what is. Discover the second largest island in the Seychelles.

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