Seychelles Beach Holidays

Over a hundred islands in the turquoise Indian Ocean, many of them uninhabited and gloriously pristine – the Seychelles is truly a magical place. An idyll holiday destination for travelers seeking complete escapism in an awe-inspiring setting. Discover the many exciting possibilities of a holiday in this tropical nirvana where untouched coral reefs, postcard perfect beaches, and a dreamy climate make for plenty of days in the outdoors.

  • Mahé Island is the biggest atoll in the Seychelles archipelago – home to the vast majority of the Seychellois population
  • Fascinating cultural melting pot – a blend of African, Chinese, European and Indian heritage
  • Choose from a range of 5-star hotels and exclusive island resort. Find your budget accommodation in a choice of self-catering units and guest houses.
  • Savor mouthwatering cuisine with Indian, French and oriental influences.


Explore the streets of Mahé Island and discover a mélange of beautiful colonial designs that showcases the artistry of British and French architecture. Grand old houses that exude old world charm. See the clever incorporation of steep roofs, designed to shed heavy rains and provide natural cooling – comfortable living at its best.


Did you know that 50% of Seychelles limited landmass is set aside as national parks and reserves? Now you know. Visit this premier island holiday destination and unravel its numerous hidden secrets. See the largest seed in the world – the marvelous Coco-de-mer, the Seychelles’ paradise flycatcher, and the critically endangered jellyfish tree, plus many other exotic plant life. Not to mention the birds, aquatic life, and land wildlife!


  • A ROBINSON CRUSOE EXPERIENCE: Escape the Mahé Island crowds and set anchor on the less populated islands of Praslin and La Digue. Impossibly white beaches, tranquility, and a laidback ambiance. Trade the pressures of everyday monotony for a few days in paradise. Soak up the stunning seascapes and enjoy the simple pleasures of barefoot bliss.
  • A WATERY WONDERLAND WITH INFINITE POSSIBILITIES: There’s so much to keep you on your toes both above and under the sea. Scuba dive among the world’s beautiful coral reefs, where a myriad of tropical fishes fleet. Swim with the hawksbill turtle and other esteemed marine life. Go island hopping on a cruise to some of the uninhabited islands and snorkel directly off the beaches.
  • GET OUT INTO NATURE: Rent a bicycle and enjoy a leisurely ride along the bustling streets. Or try a round of golf on a 9 hole course. Go for a hike in one of the National Parks to summit a hill top for fantastic views. Indulgent spa treatments and yoga offer relaxation afterwards.
  • RENT A CAR: From the capital city Victoria, head out at your own pace around the island. Stop off for lunch at little coastal towns or explore the many off the beat beaches, only known to the locals.
  • LAID BACK LOCALS: The warmth and hospitality of the people of Seychelles is what keeps visitors coming back year after year.

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Denis Island Seychelles

Discover an island that exists as its own organism, floating in the Indian Ocean like a tiny rock. Book your tropical Seychelles island holiday if you are an adventurous explorer and stay a while to experience the magic of Denis Island. Explore this environmental utopia, fringed with pure white sands and swaying palm trees.

Mahe Seychelles

Most people know Mahe as a large island hosting most of the people of the Seychelles. What they don’t know is that this vast populated island also offers more than 60 spectacular beaches, a rich Creole culture and cuisine, mind-blowing forests, waterfalls and mountain hikes, exquisite view sites and some wonderful water sports too across clear turquoise ocean waters.

North Island Seychelles

Take a thrilling helicopter flip from Mahe in the Seychelles to North Island, a 20-minute adventure where you look down upon clear azure ocean waters and islands fringed with white beaches. Maybe a whale will breach as you fly over, or a pod of dolphins rise to wave their fins?

Praslin Seychelles

If you want to get away from it all, catch a plane to Praslin. A large island with very few people and plenty of wild corners. A laid-back, sleepy place where you simply have to slow down to fit in, to look around you and to really appreciate what is. Discover the second largest island in the Seychelles.