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Travel Guide to Africa

If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.

John Hemingway

Jump right in and read our African Travel blog. Catch up on the latest Africa news and get the lowdown on travel tips for safaris and holidays to exotic countries on the continent. Voyage2Africa are serious African holiday planners based in Cape Town and we want to share our best destinations in Africa with you. We love to write about safari holidays and wildlife, beach breaks and whales, island idylls, rain forest forays and gorillas, desert delights, mountain magic and wetland wonders. 

To whet your appetite, we have some quirky snippets about travel in Africa to share:

  • Nowhere in Africa is the same as anywhere else in Africa.
  • Always wear a hat!
  • Most people speak English but there are more than 2000 African languages to learn.
  • Never take water and electricity for granted - they do suddenly stop.
  • Don’t expect to find a pharmacy on every corner - take your own basic first aid.
  • Support local markets and stores instead of the major first world supply chains.
  • A responsible tourist respects other cultures and wildlife, supporting only ethical cultural and environmental projects.
  • Yes, there are pickpockets in Africa, opportunistic thieves and the odd scoundrel so do keep your wits about you.

Catch up on all the Voyage2Africa latest and greatest blogs and news about safaris and tours, special packages, spectacular destinations and where to eat out. Enjoy the read! 

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