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Why Do Digital Nomads Look for Remote Coworking Spaces in Africa?

Digital nomads have emerged as a diverse breed of globe-trotting professionals who carry laptops everywhere they go in a world where mixing work and play is the latest hobby. These laptop travelers combine work with travel. Digital nomads love South Africa best for remote work. Voyage2Africa brings you the top 6 cities in Africa for digital nomads. Special deals.

Digital nomads are new-age tourists who want to carry their jobs with them on adventures to exotic lands. Their journey often takes them to places that redefine the conventional office space and many of them choose work that relates to travel – travel writing, blogging, conservation, safaris, community empowerment and assessing tourism facilities. 

A digital nomad sitting and working on his laptop while eating an ice cream
Digital nomads are people who travel freely while working remotely using technology and the internet.

What do Digital Nomads Need from a Remote Working Destination?

Working in a foreign city demands a unique blend of facilities, conditions and comforts that digital nomads seek when they embark on their remote work adventures:

  • High-Speed Internet: A steady online presence is their lifeline to work and stay connected.
  • Co-Working Spaces: Oases for nomads, providing a productive, office-like atmosphere and inspiring creativity.
  • Budget Accommodation: Flexible lodging, from budget-friendly hostels to cosy Airbnb apartments, places should offer comfort and functionality.
  • Community and Networking: A sense of community in a foreign city, meeting like-minded individuals and making connections is satisfying.
  • Safety and Security: Low crime rates and stable political environments allow more focus on work without undue concerns.
  • Local Amenities: Access to groceries, restaurants, and public transportation is crucial.
  • Cultural Experiences: Cultural immersion in museums, festivals, and opportunities to learn about the local way of life.
  • Fitness and Wellness Facilities: Staying fit and healthy is a priority for many nomads such as gyms, yoga studios, and outdoor spaces.
  • Cost of Living: Managing expenses is key with a reasonable cost of living to stretch incomes.
  • Visa and Legal Support: Support with visas and work permits is invaluable.
  • Natural Beauty: Cities with proximity to natural wonders such as beaches, mountains, or parks hold particular allure.
  • Cafes and Restaurants: Nomad-friendly offices in a way! Internet, good food and great vibes. 

Digital nomads seek destinations that strike a balance between work and play, wellness and expenses. 

Solo Travel is the way to go!

Why is Africa so Popular with Digital Nomads?

Africa is renowned for its laid-back, timeless cultures where things happen in the moment and things take a long time to happen. Many things don’t work as well as they do in the first world, and this can be frustrating and empowering all at once! Western digital nomads are finding their way to Africa to get away from stressful clock-watching and long working hours answering to demanding bosses and CEOs. 

Digital nomads have redefined the traditional 9-to-5 grind in the age of remote work and wanderlust. These modern-day adventurers, armed with laptops and a thirst for exploration, are drawn to Africa’s captivating landscapes and vibrant cultures. But why is Africa so popular with digital nomads? 

  1. Breathtaking Natural Beauty – From the sweeping savannahs of South Africa and the sunny beaches of Mozambique to the lush rainforests of Uganda and the deserts of Namibia, Africa offers a magnificent tapestry of landscapes. 
  2. Affordable Cost of Living – It is so cheap and the cost of living in this region is often a fraction of what it would be in Western countries. Budget-friendly accommodations and delicious cheap food make it easier to stretch budgets.
  3. Thriving Digital Nomad Communities – Cities like Cape Town have become hubs for remote workers, and finding fellow nomads encourages collaboration, networking, and a sense of belonging.
  4. Improved Internet Connectivity – Africa has made significant strides in improving its Internet infrastructure and many cities now offer reliable Internet access, coworking hubs or Internet cafes. 
  5. Ecotourism and Outdoor Adventures – From thrilling safaris in South Africa and diving adventures in Mozambique’s crystal-clear waters to gorilla trekking in Rwanda and canoeing in the Okavango, there’s no shortage of adventures during downtime. 
  6. Rich Cultural Experiences – Vibrant local community colorful festivals, and diverse fusion cuisine – food tourism in Africa is a thing now too and the opportunities to dine with local people and eat exotic meals are boundless.
  7. Work-Life Balance – Having a fulfilling work-life balance is vital and wellness tourism has hit Africa with aplomb. Digital nomads can tap on laptops and enjoy spas, trail runs, hikes, desert crossings and conservation action projects!

In a nutshell, Southern Africa has emerged as a top destination for digital nomads because of its stunning landscapes, affordability, thriving communities, improved connectivity, outdoor adventures, rich culture, and the promise of a balanced life. As the world of work continues to evolve, Southern Africa remains a compelling choice for those who wish to redefine where and how they work while experiencing the wonders of this captivating region. So, if you’re a digital nomad seeking your next adventure, consider Southern Africa your canvas for work and exploration.

Cultural experiences in Africa

Let’s set off now on our own intra-Africa journey through the top six African cities that have emerged as havens for these modern wanderers. Tighten your seatbelt as we take off!

Cape Town – South Africa

table mountain in cape town south africa
Did you know? Scientists believe that Table Mountain is roughly 360 million years old.

Research shows that Cape Town is the most popular city for digital nomads in all of Africa, thanks to its spectacular landscapes ranging from sweeping ocean views to pristine beaches and compelling mountain ranges. The Mother City is modern and up to speed with internet and Wi-Fi availability, offering many Wi-Fi cafes and coworking spaces to choose from – all with spectacular views and atmospheres for the vibrant worker or the silent worker. Cape Town boasts more digital nomad activity on Instagram than any other African city!

Cape Town leads the world!

Kigali – Rwanda

Kigali is the capital and largest city of Rwanda. It is also one of the most clean and green cities in Africa. It is known as the “Land of a Thousand Hills” because of its hilly terrain and scenic views.

With fantastic ecotourism facilities and breathtaking natural beauty, Rwanda is a paradise for digital nomads. Kigali ticks all those boxes for excellent digital nomad experiences, including time to chill and participate in conservation and community projects. Work in the safest city in Africa with internet speeds of 30Mbps in a choice of comfy and friendly coworking hubs. Visas are easy to come by and digital nomads can visit the Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village, National Volcano Park, Inema Art Centre, King’s Palace Museum, and Akagera National Park.

Nairobi – Kenya

Wooden deck patio overlooking the lanscapes of Kenya during sunset
Kenya is a rapidly growing hub for remote work and digital nomadism.

Tourists to Kenya get a 90-day East Africa Tourist Visa which also applies to Rwanda and Uganda so why not combine all three destinations in your adventure? Work and play take on new meaning in a land of more than 40 national parks, including the Masai Mara and the wildebeest migration! Nairobi is geared for digital nomads with its reliable and fast Wi-Fi connection, fantastic laptop-friendly restaurants and cafes and cheap accommodations. Internet cafes are modern, friendly and packed with people tapping away!

Kampala – Uganda

Mutanda views
Uganda is a great destination for remote workers and digital nomads who want to enjoy a high quality of life at a low cost while working online.

A stunning eco-friendly country with mind-blowing natural beauty and warm culture, Uganda is a huge attraction for digital nomads who can base themselves in Kampala. It’s the ideal working space that mixes well with adventures such as gorilla trekking, exploring Kidepo National Park wildlife and dazzling Lake Victoria. Kampala boasts an up-to-date digital center and serviced apartments for long-term vacationers complete with Wi-Fi and kitchens. Plenty of coworking spaces offer connectivity including Impact Hub, Outbox Hub and modern hotels.  

Maputo – Mozambique

The vibrant and colourful streets on Maptuo in Mozambique
Maputo is AMAZING as a city destination. Friendly locals, good public transportation, delicious food and affordable prices.

How amazing that Mozambique leads African travel in offering digital nomads special visas for up to 180-day holidays! Internet quality and reliability vary from town to town, but Maputo is usually switched on. Most modern hotels, internet cafes and coworking spaces offer good and free Wi-Fi but speeds can be slow at times so always have a backup plan such as a mobile hotspot or a local SIM card! Take your backup plan with you in case of power outages and lack of Wi-Fi. Coworking spaces in Maputo include Hub Maputo and Ideario CoWorking where digital nomads can socialize over a cup of coffee. 

Holidays in Maputo

Port Louis – Mauritius 

Sugar Beach Mauritius Resorts
It is one of the more ideal destinations for digital nomads who wish to be close to everything and enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life.

Mauritius has always been that tropical Indian Ocean Island destination of choice and now digital nomads are thriving in its wonderful cities where working facilities abound. Internet access in Mauritius is good, with a general fixed speed of 20 Mbps for downloads and mobile speeds of 23 Mbps. There are more than 2,000 hotspots on the island in public places and three mobile operators offering reasonable services. Digital nomads can co-work at Coworking in Port Louis and budget accommodation is available for all work-and-play travelers. Avoid peak season when Mauritius is overrun with tourists and look out for the phenomenon of couch surfing – about 3000 Mauritian families will host digital nomads for free! It’s usually a temporary arrangement for solo laptop travelers so look it up on

Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe

aerial view of Victoria Falls in Zambia
As a digital nomad, Victoria Falls offers a unique experience combining adventure, stunning landscapes, and opportunities for remote work.

The adventure capital of Africa, Victoria Falls attracts laptop-carrying travelers to its affordable accommodations and cost of living. Local markets and street food offer budget-friendly meals and transport is cheap. Tourists can enter Vic Falls from Zambia too and must check visa requirements for business or leisure. Internet access is reliable, especially in the many luxury hotels and safari lodges. Always have a backup plan in Africa with a SIM card or good mobile hotspot on a phone that remains charged. So much to do in Vic Falls perched conveniently on safari routes to Zambia, Botswana and South Africa – bungee jumping, zip lining, white water rafting, swimming in Devil’s Pools, game drives and more!

Visit Victoria Falls

The ‘work from anywhere’ trend is here to stay, and Africa’s diverse beauty is an open invitation to redefine the way we work and live. So, whether you’re a seasoned digital nomad or someone considering the nomadic lifestyle, these African hotspots await your exploration. Pack your laptop, passport, and wanderlust, and let Africa redefine your work-life balance.

Africa, once considered an unconventional choice for remote work, is now firmly on the digital nomad map. With stunning landscapes, improved internet access, and the allure of adventure, it’s no wonder that these African cities are capturing the attention of today’s modern wanderers. As the world redefines work in the 21st century, these destinations offer a blend of productivity and exploration that’s hard to resist.

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