A floating paradise of vibrant colour, the Maldives is hip and it’s happening. Glamorous hotels, world-class facilities, and an awe-inspiring coastline with swaying palm fronds – perfect ingredients for honeymoons and romantic getaways. Spend carefree days on sun-drenched beaches and soak up the tropical sunshine.

  • An archipelago boasting 1,192 coral islands grouped into 26 isles
  • 200 of the atolls are inhabited and 80 hosts some of the world’s finest tourist resorts
  • Male’ city is the hub of the Maldives, a mecca for shopaholics, with several attractions for both corporate and leisure travellers
  • Enjoy the rich culture – a wonderful fusion of Indian, Arabs, Sri Lankan and North African influences


Escape to the glistening white sands in the Maldives and enjoy a life of leisure far from reality. Revel in the tranquillity of this magical place where everything slows down and nothing else matters. Sprawl under the canopy of swaying palm trees and absorb the stunning seascapes. Savour a picnic with your toes in the sand. Feel the warm azure waters caressing your feet as you take a languid stroll on the water’s edge.


Discover a phantasmagoria of colour below the sea – a mind-blowing diversity of marine flora and fauna. The islands are blessed with unspoilt house reefs that teem with eclectic aquatic species. Explore the underwater realm on scuba diving and snorkelling and enjoy front row seats to over 2,000 species of flamboyant fish. Swim with whale sharks and the rays, the reef fish and the reef sharks.


  • GLORIOUS TROPICAL CLIMATE: Relish year-round sunny skies and warm weather. Warm enough to keep the Indian Ocean waters flirtingly inviting for a swim and scuba adventure.
  • SPECTACULAR SUNRISES AND SUNSETS: Capture the red ball of the sun as it rises and sets on the horizon. Toast to this natural phenomenon with a glass of bubbly
  • SEAPLANE WONDERS: Get a bird’s eye of the sublime sceneries of azure sea, dazzling white beaches, and green vegetation. Soar up into the skies on a seaplane and hop from one breathtaking island to the next
  • THE MALDIVIAN HOSPITALITY: Feel as though you are a part of this wonderful nation as you soak up the warm and friendly hospitality of the locals
  • BODU BERU ENTERTAINMENT: Sway to the rhythmic sounds of drumbeat and watch as the Bodu Beru performers chant and dance in their sarongs and white sleeve shirts.
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