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Riveting Reunion Island is one of those extraordinary volcanic Indian Ocean islands known to be an adventurer’s paradise with dramatic landscapes and rugged mountains way off the beaten track. This splendid isle is more than just a tropical island hideaway – it’s also a top hiking and climbing destination and Voyage2Africa travel packages take our travellers to see active and inactive volcanos, forests and endangered flora and fauna. We recommend gracious accommodation in lodges and hotels, mountain villas and beach cabins.

Reunion Island is one of the French overseas departments and regions featuring Piton de la Fournaise, an active volcano reaching 2 631 m high, and an inactive volcano, Piton des Neiges, whose crater is worth a captivating hike.   In fact, Reunion is visited more for its mountain hikes than its beaches and its rugged terrain promises some of the most amazing mountaineering routes in the world. 

Try hiking the easily accessible Cirque de Mafate or scaling the more picturesque Cirque de Salazie. Gape in awe of the natural beauty of this canyon and capture on camera the breathtaking waterfall. Enjoy canyoning and mountain biking at the Cirque de Cilaos. Take a helicopter trip and enjoy aerial views of these gorgeous natural amphitheatres.

The Lay of the Land

Reunion Island is a volcanic island born some three million years ago when the Piton des Neiges volcano rose up from the sea and today reaches 3070 m, the highest peak in the Mascarene Islands and the Indian Ocean. On the eastern side, Piton de la Fournaise is a much more recent volcano (500,000 years old) and one of the most active on the planet. It has erupted more than 100 times since 1640 and most recently erupted on 19 September 2022!  

The part of Reunion that we can see is only 3% of the entire island, which remains below water! The island is 63 km long; 45 km wide; and covers 2 512 square km, rising above a hotspot in the Earth’s crust. 

The beautiful tropical beaches in Réunion are mostly well-equipped with picnic areas and facilities. Try some snorkelling in the conserved lagoon at Hermitage Beach and lay on the white sands under shady casuarina trees. Or catch a wave with all the surfers at La Plage des Brisants before visiting the beaches at Boucan Canot for a seafood meal in one of the many restaurants. Don’t miss a walk on the unique black beach of L’Étang-Salé consisting of tiny fragments of basalt.

Did you know?

Reunion’s deeper waters are home to dolphins, killer whales, humpback whales, blue sharks and a variety of shark species, including whale sharks, coral sharks, bull sharks, tiger sharks, blacktip sharks and great white sharks. Several species of sea turtles live and breed here.


  • Seek out some nail-biting action for all ages – thrilling white water rafting on rapids along the rivers, paragliding feats to sail above the island’s incredible landscape, or hang gliding and skydiving if you prefer.
  • Snorkelling and diving excursions reveal some of the more than 190 species of corals, 1,300 species of molluscs, 500 species of crustaceans, 130 species of echinoderms and more than 1,000 species of fish. 
  • Grand Anse is a tropical white-sand beach lined with coconut trees in the south of Réunion, with a rock pool built for swimmers, a pétanque playground, and a picnic area.
  • Le Vieux Port in Saint Philippe is a green-sand beach consisting of tiny olivine crystals, formed by the 2007 lava flow, making it one of the youngest beaches on Earth!

Reunion Safari

You know what to do! Book your dream Reunion tour and safari in a country with some of the world’s most volcanic mountains, beautiful beaches, best coral reefs and rarest species. Go and find the mind-blowing black beach, gemstone beach and awesome hotels you have read about, the wonderful wildlife and birds. 

If you love hiking then you will love the volcano and other Pitons, Cirques and Remparts that form La Reunion National Park, a blend of ecosystems covering more than 100,000 ha. Give yourself an authentic island adventure in nature and be part of the fact that Reunion is loved globally as a remote and unique African ocean destination packed with scuba diving, snorkelling, ocean activities and unforgettable sunsets. Get to know its treasures with us.

Find the ideal accommodation that suits your pocket and style in Reunion’s top hotels and beach villas – browse our best rates and packages tailor-made for your dream African holiday. We recommend staying in premium island resorts for unbeatable luxury accommodation or choosing more rustic self-catering guest houses where family-style service is still the focus. Rosy honeymoon suites at top hotels ensure unforgettable beach holidays inclusive of excellent food and facilities. 

What to Love about Reunion

  • EXOTIC WILDLIFE IN A NATURALIST PARADISE: Observe some rare specialities including the brown maki lemur from Madagascar and the nearly extinct Pteropus Edwardsii, a flying fox. Bird lovers are in for a treat and may find the Reunion Stonechat and the Mascarene Swiftlet.
  • FUN, SUN AND SURF ON REUNION ISLAND: Sprawl under a shady palm tree on the white sandy beaches, cocktail in hand and enjoy some DNA (Do Nothing at All). Hit the water for a fantastic time in the surf. Explore the underwater wonderland and discover a panoply of colourful fishes and pristine corals.
  • A MIXTURE OF CULTURES: From its obvious signs of French occupation to cultures spanning India, Sri Lanka, Africa and the Far East, this melting pot makes for a fusion and delightful range of different cuisines.
  • A SENSE OF EXPLORATION: Being an adventure-orientated destination, one can’t help but feel the need to move around and explore so rent a car and stay at three or four destinations.
  • SCENIC HELICOPTER FLIGHTS: Experience the true beauty of this island from up in its blue skies, flying low over beautiful beaches, lush green forests, largely untouched and remote cirques and near active volcanoes.

Family safari holidays to Reunion are hot

Pack up the entire family for a safari holiday to Reunion that they will never forget. Intrepid journeys to Indian Ocean islands introduce your kids to the biggest classroom in the world, nature! Whale watching, nature walks, scuba diving and snorkelling off the beach are all part of an island adventure your family will talk about for years down the line!  We love seeing children have a ball in the true beauty of Reunion, our top African island destination of all time – so check out the luxury hotel and family resort accommodation where children are made to feel like royalty and book your special family package today. 

The Best of the Best Safaris in Reunion

Book from the travel experts and enjoy signature experiences on your dream African holiday. Plan a Reunion island excursion with Voyage2Africa, the African travel experts, and enjoy signature experiences at the premier ocean adventure destination in the warm Indian Ocean. We bring you thrilling adventures in forests and wetlands, on mountains and beaches. We offer you the best of the best accommodation in Reunion in lavish villas, family resorts, modern hotels, and rustic cabins in dune forests.   

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