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Dramatic landscapes and stunning sceneries – Reunion Island is more than just a tropical island hideaway. Discover this small volcanic island floating in the Indian Ocean waters. Off the beaten track with only a fraction of the crowds found on nearby popular Mauritius.

  • Reunion Island is one of the overseas departments of France
  • A little known but popular island destination with a lot of clout– excellent surfing, breathtaking waterfalls, and unspoilt coastline
  • Explore the south coast and witness Piton de la Fournaise, an active volcano that stretches to about 2,631 meters in height
  • Get great views of the island from the top of Piton des Neiges, an extinct volcano whose crater can be hiked up too.


The rugged terrain promises some of the most amazing mountaineering. Try hiking the easily accessible Cirque de Mafate or scaling the more picturesque Cirque de Salazie. Gape in awe of the natural beauty of this canyon and capture on camera the breathtaking waterfall. Enjoy canyoning and mountain biking at the Cirque de Cilaos. Take a helicopter trip and enjoy aerial views of these gorgeous natural amphitheatres.


Reunion Island provides some nail-biting action for both young and the young at heart. Attempt the rapids along the rivers on white water rafting. Share the fun with the kids on paragliding feats and sail above the island’s incredible landscape while hang gliding. Adrenalin sports junkies will also love skydiving and a host of exhilarating watersports.


  • EXOTIC WILDLIFE IN A NATURALIST PARADISE: Look forward to witnessing some rare specialities including the brown maki lemur from Madagascar and the nearly extinct Pteropus Edwardsii, a flying fox. Bird lovers are in for a treat with all sorts of winged creatures to see. Keep your eyes peeled for the Reunion Stonechat and the Mascarene Swiftlet.
  • FUN, SUN AND SURF ON REUNION ISLAND: Sprawl under a shady palm tree on the white sandy beaches, cocktail in hand and enjoy some DNA (Do Nothing at All). Let the tropical rays caress your skin as you work on that perfect tan. Hit the water for some fantastic time in the surf. Explore the underwater wonderland and discover a panoply of colourful fishes and pristine corals.
  • A MIXTURE OF CULTURES: From it's obvious signs of French occupation to cultures spanning India, Sri Lanka, Africa and the Far East. This melting pot makes for a fascinating mixture and a delightful range of different cuisines.
  • A SENSE OF EXPLORATION: Being an adventure orientated destination, one can't help but feel the need to move around and explore. Most people rent cars and stay at up to three or four different places.
  • SCENIC HELICOPTER FLIGHTS: The true beauty of this island is best experienced from up in its blue skies. Fly low over beautiful beaches, lush green forest, largely untouched and remote cirque's and near to active volcanoes.
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