What better way is there to celebrate your honeymoon than with a romantic getaway in Zanzibar? Escape to this tropical island paradise and create unforgettable memories on sun-drenched beaches. Zanzibar is an archipelago made up of Zanzibar, Pemba Islands, as well as several isles. It is situated in the Indian Ocean, approximately 40km from the Tanzanian coast. It measures 96 km in length and 32 km wide.

  • Breathtaking coastline with palm-fringed powdery white sand
  • Pristine corals with eclectic tropical fish species
  • Host to the only functioning ancient town in East Africa – Stone Town
  • Exceptional holiday facilities with plenty of many high end luxury resorts to choose from

Often called the “Spice Islands”, as a result of their cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg production. Embark on spice tours on Zanzibar and learn the secrets of these dried plants that add zest to our meals! Treat your sensory glands to a variety of flavors, smells and sights with up to 50 different fruit, spices and plants on the island.


Located in the center of the island, this National Park is well worth a visit as a half day trip. Park rangers will take you on guided walks through the forest, explaining the various forms of fauna and flora to be found in the forest and mangrove swamps. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot the rare Red Colobus Monkey, endemic to the region and endangered. It’s estimated there numbers range at about 2000 – 2500 left.

  • SWIM WITH DOLPHINS: Visit the quaint fishing village of Kizimkazi for a once in a lifetime opportunity to swim with wild dolphins in their natural habitat. Both bottle-nose and humpback dolphins occur in these waters.
  • STONE TOWN: Explore this Unesco World Heritage Site and gawp in awe of the magnificent architecture that dates back to the 19th century. Walk the cobbled streets and acquaint yourself with the different cultures on the island. Enjoy a vibrant, yet laid back ambience that is synonymous with island life.
  • SATELLITE ISLANDS: Try a different kind of Zanzibar experience and opt for a more exclusive stay on Mnemba Island. The Satellite Islands will delight you with their hidden underwater gems. Enjoy fantastic snorkeling and diving opportunities around Chumbe Island. Don’t forget to visit Prison Island to observe giant tortoises.
  • NORTH COAST: Base yourself in the North Coast for some sensational deep sea fishing. Enjoy a more tranquil stay in the finest resorts the whole of Zanzibar. Endless possibilities for fun in the azure oceanic wonderland. Explore this underwater world on scuba diving and snorkeling.
  • EAST COAST: Discover Zanzibar’s best beaches – idyllic, powder white sands overlooking a long barrier reef, about 1km offshore. The only downside to this dreamy location? When the tide is out, you will need to walk a long.

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Visit the south east corner of Zanzibar where you will find palm lined white sandy beaches and good sea-breezes. With the significant tidal range there is no swimming at low tide but this region is reasonably quiet and sparsely populated. There are many working beaches where seaweed farming is noticeable as the villages use the beaches as their source of income.

The Fumba Peninsula in the south west corner is probably the most relaxed and friendly corner of the island. Only 30 minutes drive from Stone Town the Mena Bay Conservation area boasts lovely sandy coves, and a marine protected park.

Stone Town

Find the largest city in the Zanzibar Archipelago in the heart of the west coast of Unguja Island, or Zanzibar. Stone Town is named after the coralline buildings that were erected during the 19th century and have remained largely unchanged.

Satellite Islands

Heading out to the satellite islands off the coast of Tanzania is refreshing. Find less visitors on these islands as most tourists go straight to popular Zanzibar.Discover an untouched paradise where pristine beaches and island bays await. The adventure begins with the journey to the islands – take a dhow or private charter from Stone Town

North Coast

Experience the breathless beaches of the north and northwest coasts of Zanzibar, renowned for their spectacular and numerous beach resorts. Focus on four major beaches if you want to get the most out of your island holiday: Nungwi, Kendwi, Kendwa and Mnemba Atoll. Tumbatu Island is completely different but equally lovely.

East Coast Zanzibar

Travel to the east coast of Zanzibar to experience powder-white beaches. Watch waves breaking over untouched coral reefs and sand bars about a kilometer offshore. Wait until low tide to explore magical pools of starfish and anemones.Head inland to a beautiful strip of coconut palms hiding small fishing villages and dreamy holiday accommodation.