Island bliss in the Bazaruto Archipelago 2024

Bazaruto Tours and Holidays for 2024

Kindle a fire inside with a plan to visit Mozambique this summer and discover your island bliss in the Bazaruto Archipelago in the summer of 2024. Book your island holiday to the ocean escapes off Vilanculos in the Mozambique channel and create unforgettable memories on Bazaruto and Benguerra Islands. Voyage2Africa shares our great packages and deals to the best resorts and beach lodges in the archipelago.

It’s a retreat where the sun always shines and the sea is a warm, clear turquoise blue It’s a famous marine national park boasting diverse wildlife and luxury island getaways. Travel to Mozambique and choose island bliss on Bazaruto, Benguerra or Magaruque Islands where five-star accommodation in beach villas accompanies top-class ocean activities and fresh seafood meals. The best African holiday destination for a romantic island honeymoon, inspiring beach holidays or a family-friendly adventure – so join the team at Voyage2Africa to plan your life-changing vacation to the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park.

We specialise in quintessential beach bush holidays where you experience joyful days on a Bazaruto Island, inspiring days at a mainland beach resort, and the grand finale on an exhilarating safari in Gorongosa National Park! See the iconic Big 5 in a pristine wilderness area then see the marine Big 5 in a tropical island ocean setting. Select sensational combo holidays in Mozambique’s best beach and safari destinations and revel in flawless accommodation in key safari camps, smart suites on the beach, and dreamy island villas in the Indian Ocean. 

Family Holidays to the Bazaruto Archipelago

Take your family on a captivating safari tour to the gorgeous beaches and waters of the Bazaruto Archipelago, a haven of tropical islands, marine biodiversity and world-class luxury villa accommodation. Take the kids to see the dunes, crocs, wetlands and secret coves. A few days on a dreamy island are refreshing, educational and active too – quite a thrill for families and friends who want to be out exploring dunes and waters all day long. There are hikes, horse rides, scuba dives and snorkelling adventures. Get a boat and go fish. Visit the local people and taste their food. It’s a diverse holiday in paradise and family suites are available wherever you go!

Did you know?

The Bazaruto National Park was declared in 1971 to protect the amazing wildlife in this region so when you go diving, you are sure to see some endangered creatures including the huge dugong, turtles, dolphins and whales in season. Look out for more than 2000 types of fish, and the loggerhead, leatherback and green turtles!


  • Get there in a jiffy from Vilanculos by boat, helicopter or small plane.
  • Appreciate dazzling white beaches, transient sand bars, coconut palm trees, hidden coves and warm deep blue water.
  • Experience some of the best diving in Africa right here in coral reefs where huge game fish swim and explore the best Marlin fishing destination this side of the equator.
  • Island honeymoons in luxury villas on white sands with private plunge pools, outside showers and beachside salas.

Pristine Mozambique National Marine Park

We rate the sensational Bazaruto Archipelago as one of the most rewarding wilderness destinations in Mozambique, if not the world. It is here that a rare marine sanctuary protects the ocean wonders that live here in harmony: humpback whales, dolphins, turtles, whale sharks, manta rays and the very shy, rare dugong or sea cow. 

Imagine being part of a 1400 square km ocean park where 5 islands float, two completely wild and uninhabited, the other three transformed into tranquil holiday destinations fit for royalty. A sensory explosion awaits, of enormous flocks of pink flamingos, fish eagles calling, samango monkeys, green coucals, blue-cheeked bee-eaters, bushbuck, red duiker, porcupine and crocodiles – inhabiting the beautiful wetlands, grasslands and huge dunes.  

Meet friendly fisher folk who have lived here for centuries in their rustic simple villages, relying on the ocean bounty. Sustainable tourism shows tourists the way when they come to this region, ethical travel is the way to do it in a changing world.

Definitive Diving in the Bazaruto Archipelago

Pack your diving gear and head to the Bazaruto Archipelago islands to explore numerous scuba diving sites in these untouched waters. Add to this an array of colourful and dazzling dive sites on the seaward side of San Sebastian (south of the islands on the mainland peninsula), a point jutting out in line with the islands. 

Top of the ranks is Two-Mile Reef protecting a narrow channel between the high sand dunes on the south of Bazaruto Island and the long, white beaches of the north point of Benguerra Island. It is well known for its excellent snorkelling sites inside the reef such as the Aquarium, as well as for a host of exciting dives on the seaward side. Spend long days diving and snorkelling at the famous Seven-Mile Reef too and other hot spots in this protected pristine marine park with its underwater magnificent coral reefs.

Bazaruto Islands Holidays and Beautiful Accommodation

Spend your Mozambique beach holiday at opulent island villas made for sunny relaxation, outdoor activities and time to get to know the real you again. It is easy to get there too: simply fly to Mozambique, land at Vilanculos, and jump aboard your air or boat transfer right to the island. Villas face the ocean and boast infinity plunge pools, huge beds, sunken baths, private decks and sunny salas. 

Benguerra Island floats in the Bazaruto Archipelago like a diamond in the sun. Go and see for yourself an authentic Mozambique lifestyle with plenty of luxury thrown in. Check in at Azura Retreats, our favourite luxury island accommodation in Mozambique – think tropical warm sparking, turquoise ocean, palm trees, white sandy beach, luxury beach villas with their own pools and star-studded nights. This is Azura, easily one of the most sought-after barefoot luxury island getaways in Africa.

Grab a helicopter ride to Andbeyond Benguerra Island Lodge, one of the ultimate romantic honeymoon destinations in Africa!  Beautiful Benguerra Lodge blends immaculately into a natural acacia forest with a palm-fringed beach, coral reefs and turquoise seas. This luxury island lodge offers exclusivity in a stylish island setting, world-class service, a wide variety of water sports as well as incredible cuisine. 

The Best Of The Best Safaris to the Bazaruto Archipelago

Plan a Mozambique tour and safari with Voyage2Africa, the African travel experts, and enjoy signature experiences to premier wildlife and beach destinations south of the equator. We bring you thrilling adventures in the infinite spaces of the great Indian Ocean, then resting time on your private villa deck sip a cocktail and reading a book. Choose a rustic chic seaside resort with luxury facilities and get ready to explore more of Bazaruto soon. We offer you some of the best accommodations and special packages in Mozambique to expand your holiday in true African style. 

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