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Meet our incredible team of Voyage2Africa travel professionals and behind-the-scenes writers, web developers and IT experts. We strive for perfection and want you to have a trouble-free holiday in Africa filled with thrills, relaxation and pleasure. 

We believe that tours and safaris are special journeys made with the intention to learn, do, explore, and enjoy something new. Our tours and safaris are about Africa. Set off on your own pilgrimage with Voyage2Arica to find out more about Africa and Africans. We are here to organise, plan, take your calls, answer your queries and get all your ducks in a row for your special dream holiday in Africa. Meet the team below.

Kevin Record, Owner of Voyage2Africa
Owner and Founder

Kevin record

Kevin Record is a dynamic and results-focused director, delivering professional results backed up by his solid experience in African operations management, strategic planning and implementation.  Starting off his career, he founded WildLife Adventures – a leading and independent, African-based adventure safari tour operator. Kevin combined managerial expertise (business, project, service delivery, administrative, financial and personnel management), with impressive client satisfaction achievements. He has excellent and extensive African logistical expertise that saw WildLife Adventures ultimately owning and operating a fleet of 30 vehicles and working with more than 60 guides for international clientele throughout 14 African countries.

In 2007 Kevin got stuck into the first of his separate planned luxury island lodge developments – Ibo Island Lodge and Mogundula Island in the Quirimbas Archipelago, northern Mozambique.

Fluent in Portuguese, and proficient in local Mozambican language Kimwani, Kevin was overall responsible for the conceptualization, development, construction and project management of the developments, managing a team of more than 200 previously unskilled local people.

Kevin brings enormous practical operational and marketing management experience to the premium hospitality market. In addition, he brings an understanding of the challenges relating to the integration of “Responsible Tourism” and community tourism approaches into the mainstream thinking of the tourism establishment. He also brings understanding of how to meet not only guest and shareholder, but also local community expectations.

Kevin has exhibited and presented at 18 Indaba trade shows, 9 World Travel Markets, 5 ITB’s, and more than 200 sales visits, workshops and consumer forums. He has an excellent channel strategy and relationship with active international retail and wholesale tour operators and media all over the world. Kevin is also proficient with SEO and PPC campaigns for the company’s web-based presence.

He is based in Cape Town where Voyage2Africa and Mozambique Travel is situated although his business takes him all over the world. A keen and qualified diver, Kevin has completed more than 300 dives in Mozambique – most of them in the remote Quirimbas Archipelago where his lodge Ibo Island Lodge is situated. He has 3 children and is passionate about family travel.

Fiona Record from Voyage2Africa team
Co-Owner & Travel Designer

Fiona Record and Voyage2Africa co-founder, Fiona, first discovered Mozambique when she was just 23 years old and when Pemba “was nothing more than a bustling rural village on the edge of one of the world’s lost treasures – the Quirimbas Archipelago.” All good stories begin with our own personal journey… 

“I am Born and bred in Africa, Zimbabwe is where I grew up, and I remember holidaying in Mozambique as a child and being captivated by the culture and balmy tropical ocean – and of course the prawns!  As a young adventurer, after 6 years working in London, I planned an ambitious expedition to drive across Africa which saw me experiencing 27 African countries and promptly put Mozambique on the top of my list as the most alluring!  

As a founding member and the Marketing Director of WildLife Adventures which was my first venture – an Adventure Safari Company based in Cape Town and Zimbabwe, I have travelled and guided all over Africa as well as exhibited at trade and consumer shows and seminars all over the world promoting Africa, my passion.

But I didn’t forget Mozambique which kept calling me! And began with the conceptualization, development, and operations of luxury Ibo Island Lodge and Mogundula Island in the Quirimbas Archipelago Mozambique our team, built from grass roots up.   I am committed, passionate and proud about the travel industry and feel that Africa is a unique destination. 

I am delighted to be promoting Africa daily to our clients and vast database of people who have become friends along the journey.  I have exhibited all over the world promoting Africa, and planned weddings, honeymoons, special celebration holidays, family bonding holidays and group holidays for international clientele throughout Africa since 1995. I offer a proven track record and expert assistance with meticulous attention to detail and most of all passion!   Fast forward 25 years and the love affair for planning and promoting African travel is still going strong!”

Rushaan from Voyage2Africa team
Senior Travel Designer & Safari Guru

Rushaan Levy

My love of travel began with the many family holidays I took as a child, the passion growing when I went to Europe and Asia. I fell in love with travel, people and experiencing new destinations and have never looked back! 

Born and bred in Cape Town, I love my beautiful City and continent as a whole and all it has to offer. I also love sharing my continent with those willing to experience a melting pot of people, sights, culinary delights and various cultures!

I have worked in the travel industry for 17 years and only at 2 companies – for Voyage2Africa and a top luxury safari operator. That means I have travelled extensively across Southern Africa to private game reserves including the Kruger National Park, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique, KwaZulu Natal, Gauteng, and Malawi. 

I have travelled internationally and really enjoyed exploring on my own, having hosted individual travel guests and groups alike. Meeting people from across the globe and learning about new cultures is one of my favorite pastimes! I also realize that I have the ability and opportunity to give my clients a holiday of a lifetime, an emotional experience almost and that is a wonderful way to make a living! 

I am a sucker for a sunset and have been fortunate to see many sunsets across the globe – but nothing beats an African sunset! My passion for travel is undeniable as I believe it runs through my veins. I specialize in individual travel, small group travel and large incentive group travel.

Luts from Voyage2Africa team
Sales Director

Lutfiyyah Davids

I was born in Johannesburg and grew up in South Africa and have been passionate about the travel industry for the last 15 years. I have been fortunate to travel extensively throughout Africa and some of my fondest memories are from the Quirimbas Archipelago – specially the dolphin safari and the Swahili Crab Curry at Ibo Island, but also my time on the mighty Zambezi River and Vic Falls and Zambia which are memories I cherish.  I am lucky enough to have travelled the length of Mozambique visiting all the properties and one of my favourite off the beaten track places is easily Lugenda in the Niassa Reserve. 

I always knew I wanted to be in travel and once I finished my Tourism studies I started working for South African National Parks and after that I joined Voyage2Africa and Mozambique Travel, where I have been for the last 15 years!

I love everything about planning holidays for our clients. During my career I have put together weddings, events, honeymoons and celebratory family holidays, safaris and also lots of business and corporate travel. I live, eat and sleep travel and have met amazing people from all over the world. I love promoting Africa and I’m told my passion shines through. I can’t wait to plan your holiday – get hold of me today!

Gregory Haralambous from Voyage2Africa team
Digital Marketing Manager

Gregory Haralambous

I am based in the beautiful country of South Africa, in Cape Town, and I have a passion for both Digital Marketing and tourism. Being born in this beautiful city, tends to make you appreciate what we have and so I wanted to give other people the opportunity to have the same experiences.

I completed my studies in both marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) and since then, I have worked for numerous companies and websites before settling down at Mozambique Travel.

During this time, I have always loved and preferred focusing on the travel industry which, in my opinion, is simply a lot more rewarding. When you know that a client enjoyed their latest trip overseas or to a new country, there is a great sense of fulfilment. In my off time I love to explore and be out in nature, from the beautiful African sunsets to free-diving around the coasts of the Cape.

Janis from Voyage2Africa team
Copy and Content Writer

Janis Theron

Born in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, I am a qualified Journalist and Environmental Educator. My father was a country vet and taught us a love for animals, writing and landscapes, and my mother was a journalist. So, my writing comes naturally, and travel writing is my passion. I have also covered health issues, news issues, conservation and land issues, education, animal and personality profiles in my articles and online content writing. I find copywriting in all fields challenging and stimulating. 

I qualified in 1989 at Rhodes University with my BA in Journalism and English and have tried my level best to steer my writing into the travel / health / conservation / environmental world. I completed my master’s in environmental education, my level 4 certificate in Early Child Development and my certificate in Specialist Peer Recovery Coaching. 

I have taught and tutored many kids and youths about the environment, the present environmental crisis and how they can take action for their futures on Earth. I am a vegetarian mother of two young boys, Jordan and Jean. This has made me who I am – I love being a mother. Best of all, I am a passionate health freak who thrives on high levels of energy and wellness, walking and hiking, yoga and gardening are my true hobbies.

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