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Gorongosa National Park Accommodation and Packages

Travel to Mozambique’s top wildlife reserve at Gorongosa National Park on a life-changing safari and stay in brand new tented camps or a safari lodge with luxury facilities. Become part of the most successful wildlife and habitat restoration story in Africa, contributing to sustainable tourism when you stay in comfortable tented camps and experience inspirational nature walks and game drives. 

At last, Voyage2Africa can introduce you to the astonishing Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, the new shining star for wildlife conservation and viewing like never before. Surrounded by mainstream African safari destinations, Mozambique’s totally exclusive Gorongosa breaks away from the mass tourism model to offer responsible tourists their first real in-depth, ecotourism escapade in a reserve that took 35 years to rebuild.  

Taking the Gorongosa mission statement to heart, ‘From the moment you set foot here, your life will never be the same again,’ Voyage2Africa shows you the real evidence out there in the effective restoration of Gorongosa National Park as the new and thrilling safari and wildlife experience in Africa. Stay in plush accommodation units while you bond with the planet and other passionate visitors.  

Did you Know?

The number of animals in Gorongosa decreased by 95% between 1977 and 1992 and is steadily recovering thanks to a 20-year partnership between the Mozambique Government and the Carr Foundation to protect and restore the ecosystems and wildlife and to develop a beneficial ecotourism model for people and planet.  


  • Wildlife – spot lion, elephant, buffalo, wild dog, hippo, crocodile, waterbuck, oribi, wildebeest, warthog, bushpig, civet, grey mongoose, honey badger, yellow baboon, samango monkeys, water monitors, impala, and the sweet, secretive suni and nyala. The rare Mount Gorongosa pygmy chameleon (Rhampholeon gorongosae) is found only in the forests of Mount Gorongosa! 
  • African Wild Dog project – a pack of African Painted Dogs (African Wild Dog) was released into Gorongosa National Park in 2018 in partnership with the Endangered Wildlife Trust, after their absence of more than 25 years and now over 40 wild dogs roam the Park.
  • The Famous Lions of Gorongosa – hundreds of lions existed in Gorongosa in the 60s and 70s which then changed during the war years.  The park now aims to restore its wilderness as a lion stronghold once again – in just 50 years, lions in the wild have declined by 70% in Africa due to encroaching human numbers, loss of habitat, unsustainable trophy hunting, poaching and other conflicts. 
  • Birding Bonanza – find more than 400 bird species in the greater Gorongosa region, with more than 220 residents recorded in the Park – Fish Eagles, Palmnut Vultures, Paradise Flycatchers by the dozen, Pels Fishing Owls and Narina Trogons. The astounding Mount Gorongosa rainforest is home to Green Headed Orioles and is one of only four places to see Swynnerton’s Robin.

Gorongosa’s Ground-breaking Work in Conservation and Community

  • World-class and relevant scientific research – finding the right information needed to guide the conservation of the greater Gorongosa-Marromeu region and the sustainable development of its Buffer Zone into the future. 
  • The Edward O. Wilson Laboratory – a research resource centre in the Park for the ongoing protection of biodiversity and training for conservation students and staff in Mozambique.
  • Wildlife rangers – drawn from the community to form a courageous team “on the frontline”, fighting poachers, illegal logging and other human intrusions on the beautiful wilderness. 
  • Ongoing community work – establishing a better understanding of shared principles and goals, making peace with people who are impacted by wildlife and who are impacting wildlife – in a win-win situation.
  • Community-based natural resource management – harvesting and buying honey from 40 entrepreneurial beekeepers, sourcing vegetables from local growers, and more.
  • Sustainable development projects – the coffee plantations are an innovative agroforestry enterprise to benefit poor people and the environment.
  • Environmental education – the first ever Masters in Conservation Biology in Mozambique and the first ever Msc in the world to take place in a real live national park context.

Extraordinary Ecosystems

  • The savanna plains are dotted with forests of acacia and fever trees.  
  • There are dry forests in sandy areas, as well as wetlands or pans that are filled up in the rainy season and teeming with wildlife and birds. 
  • The plateaus contain both miombo and montane forests, as well as a spectacular rainforest at the bottom of a series of limestone gorges. 
  • Huge and ancient baobab trees and mixed palm forests show the successful restoration of one of Africa’s great biodiversity hotspots.
  • Songue is a water wonderland filled with every imaginable water bird, mammal and reptile. Watch as juvenile fish eagles hone their fishing skills, and storks and herons plucking fish from the muddy shallows. Spoonbill, egrets, jacanas, hamerkops, ducks, geese and pelicans, and more.

Gorongosa National Park-Bazaruto Archipelago Safari and Beach Combination Tours

Three new rustic chic safari accommodations in Gorongosa are now open and ready for business so pack your bags and come to Mozambique for that scintillating big 5 safari – island experience in Mozambique. Combine a few days in a wild safari campout with a few days in a luxury beach villa on our best bush-beach combo tour. Choose Gorongosa Wild Camp to see wildlife then fly to Benguerra Island in the Bazaruto Archipelago to see marine species. Voyage2Africa tailor makes your safari-island Mozambique holiday in the plush Mizumu Camp too, combined with a luxury hotel stay in Santorini Villa, Vilanculos. 

Become a part of the rebirth of Gorongosa and let Voyage2Africa introduce you to this iconic Mozambique National Park.  Arrive as a visitor, leave as a friend and a lifetime supporter of these super endeavours for the sake of responsible tourism in Africa. This passionate work by committed teams is safeguarding Gorongosa for future generations to enjoy and protect. Get hold of us today for a chat about Gorongosa National Park and that combo safari to the islands. A brand new African safari adventure awaits you!

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