Denis Island Seychelles

Denis Island

The tiny Seychelles Denis Island promises absolute serenity as part of exclusive Indian Ocean Island holidays where conservation and ecotourism lead the way. Book your tropical Seychelles island holiday if you are an adventurous explorer and stay a while to experience the magic of Denis Island. Explore this untouched utopia, fringed with pure white sands and swaying palm trees, and become part of a unique environmental rehabilitation program for endangered endemic species.

Like a beacon, a 1910 lighthouse still stands on the northern tip of the island, watching over the old St Denis Chapel – an added attraction for visitors to this dreamy isle. The island has been specified as a cay or a small, low sandy island on the surface of a coral reef. 

Did you know?

Denis Island is a tiny 1.4 square km coral island – named after the French Navy officer, Denis de Trobriand, who explored it in 1773 – now privately owned with a short airstrip and a deluxe holiday resort featuring 23 opulent guest chalets.


  • Captivating nature walks with the island’s Environmental Manager to learn more about the conservation vision. 
  • Switch off from all technology – no cell phone signals, no televisions, and no internet access.
  • Lavish facilities and services fit for royalty include a gorgeous restaurant, bar, library, spa treatments, tennis court, billiards, and ocean sports.
  • It’s a marine protected area for rare Hawksbill and Green turtles that return each year to lay their eggs on the shores. 
  • It’s a birder’s paradise, the new home for flocks of special species relocated there by a Nature Seychelles conservation project – 47 Seychelles fodies, 58 Seychelles brush warblers, the Seychelles Magpie Robin and 23 Paradise Flycatchers!

Denis Island believes in sustainability and sustainable tourism and strives to reduce, reuse, and recycle all waste. The island’s farm provides milk, yogurt, and cheese from cows, fresh pork and chicken, eggs, fresh fish, and healthy organic fruits and vegetables!

Contact Voyage2Africa to customize your private Denis Island retreat to the Seychelles!

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