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Food defines culture. It reflects the lifestyle and location of a destination, a tribe, a tradition. Food is a social affair, enjoyed with loved ones. Food is about sharing, feeding the body and mind and embracing every sense to its optimum. When you travel, savour the foods of that place. Wining and dining on holiday enhances relaxation as you treat your palate to its own vacation. Dive into the variety of foods and wine in Africa. 

  • The incredible beauty of the Maldives is even more spectacular at the newly renovated Mirihi Island Resort. You simply have to start with the Ruhgandu Wine Bar which showcases some of the 300 best wines and champagnes globally. If you love rum, then head for the Anba Bar which happens to boast the largest and most wide-ranging collection of fine Rum in the Maldives! Drinks aside, what about some good cooking? Check out the Dhonveli traditional buffet restaurant with its clever sandy beach floor; sample delicious seafood, meats and other local dishes at Muraka restaurant. Maldivian cuisine, also called Dhivehi cuisine is based on three main ingredients: coconuts, fish and starches.
  • Make sure to taste unusual foods in Mozambique, on another tropical island. We recommend Azura Benguerra Lodge - your faithful Mozambican host sets up a romantic dinner for 2 in a secret cove, or tuck into a full breakfast at a decked table on the shore where your toes get pleasantly wet. Savour fresh seafood, stews, corn porridge, rice, millet and cassava. Steak and chicken dishes are served with beans, cassava chips, potatoes and coconut. The Portuguese love spices like garlic, chillies, cayenne and pepper.
  • Back in sunny South Africa, your stylish journey moves on to Knysna Hollow on the Eastern Cape’s picturesque Garden Route. The best part about staying at the Knysna Hollow is its Restaurant where you sample fine South African specialities including Karoo lamb, Babotie, waterblommetjie bredie, venison, boerewors, biltong, Cape Malay curries, Chakalaka and pap, and rich Afrikaans desserts. Sip excellent Cape wines and meet fellow food and wine lovers.

With Voyage2Africa, your holiday into Africa will be brimming with adventure, outdoor activities, fantastic scenery and glorious foods and wines. Other foods you may savour are:

  • Kenyan delicacies such as the Maasai penchant for cow and goat meat and milk.
  • The Kikuyu love for fresh produce such as corn, beans, potatoes, and greens – all mashed together to make irio.
  • The people living near Lake Victoria mainly prepare fish stews, vegetable dishes and rice while the Luo eat ugali (a polenta-like corn meal) paired with sukuma wiki (sautéed greens) or steamed cabbage and carrots.
  • Rwandan food is bland and nutritious comprising mainly sweet potatoes, beans, corn, peas, millet, plantains, cassava, and fruit.
  • Zambian cuisine is largely based on nshima, prepared from pounded white maize. It is eaten with stew, cooked vegies, dried fish and insects too.

Take time to eat, drink and be merry in Africa. Wholesome foods and plenty of activity will ensure you do not lose your figure! Chat to us about more food and wine experiences in the African destination of your choice. 

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