Safaris and camps in Tsavo National Park

Tsavo Plains National Park

Tsavo National Park is a vast wilderness and Kenya’s largest national park. It is a r region with contrasting topography with volcanic hills and open grasslands. Tsavo is famous for its Big Tuskers, attracting thousands of tourists to book Kenya tours and safaris and stay in luxury lodges and top wilderness camps as part of special elephant-viewing packages. Tsavo is also a haven for 15 000 red elephants that match the sandy red soils in which they live.

Stretching a vast 22 000 square km, Tsavo Plains is also one of the oldest parks in Kenya that was split by the first railway linking Mombasa to the interior. 

  • Tsavo East (13 747 square km) features the Galana River that flows through its dry plains to the Lugard Falls while the Yatta Plateau is the longest Plateau and lava flow in the world covering more than 300 km. 
  • Tsavo West (9 000 square km) is completely different with its wooded savanna, hills, volcanic craters, rocks and lava plains. It is wet with swamps and the papyrus-fringed Lake Jipe.

Ever heard of the legend of the man eaters of Tsavo? In 1899, during the construction of the Nairobi-Mombasa road and railway, two large lions actively preyed on the railroad workers, claiming over 100 victims!

Did you know?

Big Tuskers are rare elephants with tusks so long that they scrape the ground but today only 20 of these gracious older elephants exist, mostly in Tsavo.


  • A wide range of luxury safari accommodation in lodges and tented camps for nature lovers.
  • Mzima Springs is a series of four natural springs flowing from under the Chyulu Hills through a series of pools and rapids.
  • The amazing Ngulia Rhino sanctuary in Tsavo West at the foot of the Ngulia hill shelters several endangered rhinos.
  • The incredible Shetani black folded lava flows across the savannah and the Shetani caves are a geologic result of volcanic activity.  Shetani means ‘devil’.
  • The Kanderi swamp in Tsavo East is a fresh water source for wildlife in the national park, found near the Voi gate.

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