Victoria Falls and Livingstone

Victoria Falls Livingstone

Arriving in the essential travel to Africa stopover point of Livingstone at Victoria Falls on the Zambian side is inspiring, the launching pad for glorious accommodation and compelling safaris and activities. Livingstone is a hub of tourist information so ask Voyage2Africa about your safari tour from here into famous game reserves and national parks if you are travelling between Victoria Falls, Central and Southern Africa. We offer great rates in Livingstone as you spend a few days exploring the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site of Vic Falls. 

Livingstone still reflects the era of colonial rule in its sturdy architecture, and, established in 1904, this was the original capital of Northern Rhodesia. When the capital of Zambia became Lusaka in 1935, Livingstone kind of crumbled but today the town has been revived as a tourist centre. It is also a vital gateway to the Falls and several spectacular game reserves and national parks, adventure activities and cultural excursions in Zambia.

Originally known as the Old Drift, the town of Livingstone was developed as a staging point across the Zambezi River and to get to Victoria Falls 11 km away. Tourists love to explore Livingstone town, rich in culture and heritage – see the arts and crafts, museums, colonial architecture and African lifestyle. The hospitality and warmth of Livingstone Town are infectious and will lure you back for more. Embark on a unique Zambian safari from here.

Livingstone and Victoria Falls History

History tells us that David Livingstone was the first explorer to view ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’ (the Smoke that Thunders) in 1855. He was standing on one of the islands in the Zambezi River, now known as Livingstone Island and he was so in awe that he wrote in his journal ‘on sights as beautiful as this, angels in their flight must have gazed’. He also referred to an older name, Seongo or Chongwe, meaning “The Place of the Rainbow” due to the constant spray from the Falls.

The southern Tonga people known as the Batoka/Tokalea called the falls Shungu na mutitima. The Matabele, later arrivals, named them aManz’ aThunqayo, and the Batswana and Makololo call them Mosi-o-Tunya. All these names mean essentially “the smoke that thunders”.

The falls were well known to local tribes, and Voortrekker hunters may have known of them, as may the Arabs under a name equivalent to “the end of the world”. Europeans were sceptical of their reports, perhaps thinking that the lack of mountains and valleys on the plateau made large falls unlikely. 


  • Enjoy a historic and cultural tour of Livingstone which once functioned as the Capital of the British Protectorate of Northern Rhodesia from 1911 to 1935 and features impressive Edwardian colonial buildings along the main road.
  • Catch a thrilling speed boat trip above the Falls on the Zambezi River to view birds and wildlife, sometimes at great speed, then drift along, all on varying depths of water.
  • Fishing safaris are a great hit outside Livingstone on the Zambezi so throw a line to catch Tiger Fish, Yellow Belly Bream, Three Spot, Pink-happy and Silver Barbel while game viewing all the while. 
  • Book a once-in-a-lifetime experience walking safari to track white rhinos in the Mosi O Tunya National Park in Livingstone Zambia. Appreciate the joy of walking in the true Zambian wilderness and viewing wildlife in its natural habitat.

Some Fun Victoria Falls Facts

  • EXCEPTIONAL VIEWS: Too fantastic to describe – a walk across the knife-edge bridge provides a spectacular view of the eastern cataract and up the main gorge.
  • THE BOILING POT: Provides an interesting view from the base of the falls and the Victoria Falls Bridge spanning the gorge.
  • VAST VOLUMES: The Falls are 1.7km wide with a volume of between 20 000 and 700 000m3 per minute of water falling down a vertical drop of 100m. The spray of the falls can be seen clearly from a distance of 30km, as a huge smoky cloud.
  • ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES: Be part of a different kind of Zambian safari when you try some adrenaline-charging adventures and activities around the majestic Victoria Falls. Choose from white water rafting, bungee jumping, helicopter flips, walks and safaris.

All the constantly flowing water of the Zambezi River pours through the First Gorge’s 110 m wide exit about 150 m, then enters a zigzagging series of gorges. Water entering the Second Gorge makes a sharp right turn and has carved out a deep pool there called the Boiling Pot. Intrepid explorers can reach it via a steep footpath from the Zambian side to see its 150 m wide depths. Objects and animals that are swept over the falls, including the occasional hippopotamus, crocodile, or human, are frequently found swirling about here or washed up at the northeast end of the Second Gorge!

Family Safaris to Victoria Falls Livingstone are Hot

Pack up the entire family for a safari holiday to Zambia that they will never forget. Intrepid journeys into Africa introduce your kids to the biggest classroom in the world, nature! Game viewing, nature walks, river cruises and camping under the stars are all part of a safari adventure your family will talk about for years down the line!  

Bring your children into the true wilderness of Zambia, our top African safari destination of all time – so check out the luxury lodge and bush camp accommodation where children are made to feel at home and book your special family package today.

The Best of the Best Safaris in Victoria Falls Livingstone

Plan a Zambia tour and safari with Voyage2Africa, the African travel experts, and enjoy signature experiences to the premier wildlife destination south of the equator. We bring you thrilling adventures in the southern regions, Kafue, Lower Zambezi National Park, South Luangwa and the famous adventure capital of Africa, Victoria Falls. We offer you the best of the best safari accommodation in Zambia, in lavish lodges, family resorts, modern hotels, eco villas and rustic wild campsites in nature. Bring your camera and your hat, your binoculars and your sense of spirit to an African land that is home to humankind.

Did you know?

The basalt plateau of Victoria Falls, over which the Zambezi River flows, was formed during the Jurassic period, around 200 million years ago. Early Stone Age Acheulean stone artefacts and Oldowan tools were excavated at archaeological sites around the falls, as well as other ancient artefacts dating to the Middle Stone Age. Archaeologists also found evidence of iron smelting in a settlement dating to the late first millennium AD.

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