Ibo Island

Brimming with History

The Quirimbas Archipelago lies in the far northern reaches of Mozambique, off the coast of Pemba. So remote and nearly lost and forgotten to the outside world, this chain of islands is untouched by development and its islands and beaches have remained in the very state they were in hundreds of years ago. Brimming with...
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Find Pleasure and History in the Quirimbas Archipelago

The Quirimbas Archipelago in Mozambique, with its beautiful pristine islands, is an ideal playground for holidaymakers in search of sand, sea and plenty of days in the sun. and if you want to throw a touch of culture and history, then your ideal choice of Mozambique accommodation is Ibo Island Lodge. A holiday in the...
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Enjoy a Stunning Villa Holiday in Beautiful Mozambique

Perhaps the most attractive places to stay are on the islands of the two groups of wonderful isles that belong to the country, the Quirimbas and Bazaruto Archipelagos. At Voyage2Africa we have been arranging packages for visitors to these glorious islands for many years, and we can help you find the right accommodation at the right...
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