Stand Up Paddle in Cape Town

Capetonians are hooked on Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) and have all the right facilities to further their skills and entice their friends to practise too. One of the best places to learn this growing sport is to visit SUP Cape Town next to the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) where they have their own calm canal close to the V&A Waterfront.

Learn on a canal

Go and check this out at their clubhouse and try an introductory lesson in Stand Up Paddle Boarding. You can rent a board from them when you learn on their canal and you can even rent a board for longer if you plan a trip somewhere and need aboard. But first, go and watch their Thursday evening time trial called City Slickers. You will watch the experts and the beginners get on their boards, stand up and start paddling. Above all, this is the kind of sport that you will get hooked on getting ready…

When you have trained a bit here at the V&A Waterfront canal, head on down to Clifton 4th beach to find SUP Cape Town in the summer months and try to do the same thing on the real ocean. Whether you have tried surfing or windsurfing, kitesurfing and kayaking, this is something completely different but equally addictive. During the summer months, we rent boards on Clifton 4th beach, December to February.

Surf the waves on a SUP

Everywhere you go now around the world where there is some ocean, there are people SUPing. The sport is great for overall fitness and is fun and healthy too, being out of doors and in the fresh sea air. This kind of sport dates back to hundreds of years ago but the best story is that in Hawaii there were some guys on the beach in Waikiki who one day stood up on their surfboards and used paddles to go out to get photos of tourists learning to surf. This sport then stuck and a larger board was needed for contenders to be able to really move through the water at a pace. The board is large and flat and the paddle very light. Some prefer a shorter, narrower board to be able to surf waves and deal with stormy weather.

All over fitness and fun

In Cape Town, SUP is a wild and popular sport and adventurers get on their boards and travel long distances around bays and peninsulas and there is always the chance of sudden sea surges or changes. The sport is ideal or an overall fitness as it develops legs, core, upper body and general fitness for other water sports. The best part about SUP is the views and being out in glorious scenery where you get to see all around you as you paddle. Cape town is known for its beautiful beaches and swimming spots so what better activity to do than to SUP!

Cape Town offers a few outfits who love SUP and can assist you to learn and get the kit. Try High Five Kite, SUP and Surf School in Table View where you can start with simple preliminary lessons every day for a week at a good price and your equipment included. Learn how to SUP in 2 hours with expert teachers and listen to an informative tutorial to see how it works in theory before you do it in practice.

High Five SUP packages rock

At High Five, you can rent wetsuits and leashes for boards and paddles, and if you have no idea what all of this is, the chilled staff will have you kitted out in no time. When you are better at SUP you can take up the High Five guys on their full-day SUP packages. Why not begin the day with a SUP expedition when the sun comes up, followed by a filling breakfast? Or why not end the day with a SUP out to sea when the sun is setting and you end off with a braai?

Standing up on a surfboard with a paddle does not come easy to many people but once they have put themselves in the hands of those who find it easy, they are soon able to master this popular ocean sport. Grab your opportunity to SUP in Cape Town – all you have to do is find the outfit that suits you and rent a wetsuit and board and hit the water. Talk to Voyage2Africa about your SUP adventure as we have all the right contacts.

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