Laikipia Central Highlands Accommodation

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Borana Lodge

Borana Lodge

LAIKIPIA CENTRAL HIGHLANDS - KENYA - Discover the magic of Kenya at Borana Lodge. With the most amazing vistas of mountain ranges and desert plains, there’s no place you’d rather be for photographic inspirations. Capture on film the incredible wildlife and immerse yourself in the rich culture of the friendly locals. Explore the unspoiled terrain on foot or canter on horseback amidst the giraffe and zebra. Stay in and observe the beauty of nature from the lodge while you relish the wonderful service and attention to detail. Perhaps you want to tick off tackling Mount Kenya on your bucket list?
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Laikipia Central Highlands

Ol Malo Lodge

LAIKIPIA CENTRAL HIGHLANDS - KENYA - Feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your back as you get close to wildlife in the pristine bush on horseback safaris. Enjoy the thrills of camel rides as you trudge the wilderness on these gentle creatures. Combine your safari with a stop at a local village for an insight into the Samburu culture. Take time to enjoy the best of Ol Malo and you will not be disappointed. The magical formula of world-class facilities, personal service and great food will see you coming back time and again.
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Kenya Safari Accommodation

Segera Retreat

LAIKIPIA CENTRAL HIGHLANDS - KENYA - Segera Retreat embraces the region's communities, culture, wildlife and its environment to become the paradigm of a symphonic eco-retreat. Relish a unique experience of supreme luxury amidst natural splendor. Book the exclusive Segera House and find yourself cosseted in vintage-style interiors. Choose Villa Segera for a more romantic experience in exclusivity. The luxury and seclusion here are immeasurable and the views, breathtaking! This is exactly where you would want to spend your blissful honeymoon.

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