Lake Victoria Accommodation & Packages

A must-see in Kenya is this second largest freshwater lake in the world. Lake Victoria was named after Queen Victoria in 1858 by John Hanning Speke, the first European to view the lake.


This is the world’s largest tropical lake, with an impressive surface area of 68 800km2. Lake Victoria is about 400 000 years old, its deepest point being 84 meters. Kenya’s share of the Lake is 6% while Uganda has 45% and Tanzania 49%. See the network of waterways between trading towns and villages along the shores of the Lake. Lake Victoria is hemmed in by gently rolling, verdant green hills that dip down into the deep blue waters of the Lake. Explore the region’s scenic beauty, in spectacular contrast to the yellow brown plains and semi desert savanna surrounding it.


This colossal body of water is situated in east central Africa along the equator, bordering the countries of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. The lake is roughly 6 hours from Nairobi and 4 hours from the Maasai Mara. It supplies the longest river in Africa, the Nile River at 6670 km which carries the waters north through several African countries and on wards to the Mediterranean sea.


If you are looking for an off the beaten track destination, with very few tourists, then head down to this fishing mecca. It is unfortunately not possible to swim in these bilharzia-infested waters but other adventures await you. Stay in exclusive accommodation on either Mfangano or Rusinga Islands. Rusingais renowned as the site of Mary Leakey’s discovery of a skull of Proconsul Africanus, which can be seen in the Kenya National Museum.

Try your hand as fishing and attempt to hook big catches including Nile Perch and Tilapia. The Nile Perch can grow up to 1.8m long and weigh up to 140kg. Or get out those binoculars as bird life thrives on the waters of Lake Victoria. Over 350 different types have been identified, including the majestic Fish Eagle. Witness the big game in Rubondo Island National Park, situated on one of the Lake’s many islands in the south. You are likely to have excellent sightings of elephant, giraffe and chimpanzee! Or go on a trek to see the Ancient Rock Art on Mfangano Island. Mfangano Island has two ancient rock art sites with some historically important cave art.        

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