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The Great Rift Valley

An exciting trip to Kenya’s Great Rift Valley showcases an incredible geological wonder of the world, a phenomenon everyone should see. The Great African Rift Valley is visible from space and features dramatic escarpments, a tremendous valley floor broken by volcanoes, and several lakes. Africa luxury safaris and accommodation in the Great Rift Valley. Package deals and specials on your bespoke Kenya safari and holiday. 

Kenya is home to 64 of the total lakes found within Africa and 8 of these make up the main lakes in the Kenyan Rift Valley. From north to south, these lakes are Lake Turkana, Lake Logipi, Lake Baringo, Lake Bogoria, Lake Nakuru, Lake Elmenteita, Lake Naivasha, and Lake Magadi. 

In addition, the East African Rift has been dubbed the “cradle of humanity” thanks to the fascinating and vital paleoanthropological discoveries including “Lucy,” a 3.2 million-year-old hominin skeleton found in Ethiopia. The “Turkana Boy” is another 1.5-million-year-old hominin skeleton unearthed in Kenya. 

The Kenyan Lake system is central to numerous birds’ migration routes and Lake Nakuru is the most important foraging site for the lesser flamingo and a major breeding ground for great white pelicans.

Did you know?

The Rift Valley is almost 6,500 km long, stretching around one-sixth of the Earth’s circumference, a spectacular valley measuring an average of 64 km wide with steep walls rising as high as 2700 m.


  • Mount Logonot volcano crater is a huge natural spectacle that rises out of the plains with forests covering its floors, a haven for hikers. 
  • Hell’s Gate National Park boasts natural hot springs that frame the giant red cliffs – gorge walks, eagles’ nests, extinct volcanoes, and wildlife. 
  • Magnificent Lake Naivasha, a freshwater lake packed with birds, forests, and animals, offers hiking, climbing, fishing, and boating.
  • The Soysambu Conservancy is a new wildlife sanctuary that helps to reintroduce mammals from other parts of Kenya into the animal migration corridors to Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha. 

Explore the Kenyan Rift Valley with Voyage2Africa. 

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