Lake Malawi Holiday Packages

Lake Malawi is the 9th largest lake in the world. It is also the third-largest and second deepest lake in Africa. Discover this magnificent body of the freshwater body in the East African Rift system, stretching more than 482km. Lake Malawi takes up more than a third of the country in water with a total surface area of about 30000km2.


Find a place to stay overlooking golden sandy beaches fringed with natural forests and wildlife havens. Enter a magical paradise and swim with more than 1 000 Cichlid fish, mostly endemic to this lake. Watch fascinating bird species flit around in the trees. Dive into the gorgeous sapphire waters of this natural phenomenon for some of the most rewarding adventures you will ever experience. Explore dreamy beaches on the sparkling waters of the lake, entering secret coves and tanning your body.

The best time to visit Lake Malawi is between early May and late October. The weather then is mild to warm with a little chance of rain. And the risk of malaria is at its lowest this time of the year.  

Consider combining a lakeside holiday in Malawi with a safari adventure in the nearby Liwonde National Park where the big game can be encountered. Malawi offers a unique twist on this popular African holiday trend. The best of beach and bush in this heart of Africa landlocked country with amazing Lake Malawi Accommodation options.


A must-see is Cape Maclear, nestling on the southern shore of Lake Malawi and the most popular and vibrant holiday destination on the lake. Choose from diverse and rustic backpacker lodgings to 5-star fully inclusive lake Malawi accommodation. There’s also a chance to have fun in funky beach bars. Enjoy a cruise into this part of the lake and discover the world’s first-ever freshwater nature reserve! Take a drive to explore the homes of the local people, in sleepy fishing villages peppering the shores. Make time to mingle with them and feel their warmth and geniality.