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Finding a quaint Malawian island still unaffected by human development is magical and finding Likoma Island for fantastic holidays and tours to Malawi is even better. Picture a paradise with no paved roads and very few cars on a tiny 18 square km isle in the middle of Lake Malawi and book into one of the region’s top hotels and resorts for that extra special summer holiday in Africa.

Voyage2Africa recommends an island vacation on Likoma where international visitors can meet some of the 6 000 inhabitants, most of whom are traditional fishermen and their families, growing tropical fruits and living the quiet life. Stroll into the centre of Likoma Island to Mbamba Village and wander the charming, cobbled streets awhile.

Experience the sheer remoteness of Likoma Island, floating offshore from Chintheche but only 7km away from Mozambique on the northeastern part of the Lake. You will never want to leave this lake island thanks to its complete isolation from the mainland and its unique tranquillity.  

This tiny Malawi island hosts a lot of people but the environment has remained beautiful and pristine, featuring rocky hills, sandy bays, swamps and stunning areas of lush grasslands. We love the many stately Baobab trees and mango trees, the animals that appear here and there including small reptiles, frogs, many birds, scorpion spiders and crocs. Get those snorkels on to find the famous and rare Cichlid fish that people want for their home aquariums. 

Did you know?

Quite the best feature is the must-see ancient St Peter’s Cathedral, the 3rd largest such church in central Africa. Constructed in 1903 by Scottish missionaries, entirely from local granite, this incredible church is the same size as Winchester Cathedral in the UK and still features stained glass windows! The Likoma mission was founded in 1886 as the headquarters of the Anglican Church in Malawi till well after World War II.


  • Observe a dancing competition known locally as ‘malipenga’ usually taking place at weekends with traditional instruments and eccentric colonial costumes 
  • Enjoy a tour of the cathedral, then head to the roof, climb across the bells and the clockwork and look at the marvellous view of the lake.
  • Diving is astonishing off Likoma, with more than 20 dive sites to explore, or revel in boat trips around the island, to the nearby Chizumulu Island or to neighbouring Mozambique.
  • Ride a quad bike to the famous old Baobab on the New Market Place, a huge hollow old tree sometimes used as a storeroom.

Fun Island Activities

Experience Likoma’s laid-back ambience as you try out some of the activities the island has to offer. How you wish to spend the day is entirely up to you. Immerse yourself in the many land and water sports on offer. Or simply relax and unwind on the beach with a good book and a cocktail at hand.

This is the ideal location for water sports such as snorkelling, scuba diving, windsurfing, water skiing and sailing. Boat cruises around the island to the nearby Chizumulu Island or to neighbouring Mozambique are a great way to explore. Fishing trips can also be organized while many fascinating island cultural and outdoor fun things to do include guided walks, cycling and quad biking.  

Family Holidays on Likoma Island

Take your family on a fascinating holiday to this tiny island in the middle of Lake Malawi with plenty to do in the water and on the small 18 square km bit of land. Likoma oozes ancient culture and history, a spotless environment and stunning beaches. A few days on this island in a small luxury resort are well-spent, soulful and active too – quite a thrill for families and friends who want to dive, snorkel and boat a lot.

Choose rustic lodges for backpackers or more luxury-style resorts on the edge of the lake for your family break. Kids will feel in awe of this tranquil, summer vacation idyll and want to run free on white beaches and lush forests, so take them on bike rides, quad bike outings and more. We recommend St Peter’s Cathedral and the climb up to the bell tower for a great view of the Lake.

Book tours to well-known landmarks and outdoor activities in Malawi or take a drive on your own and simply picnic somewhere beautiful on Lake Malawi. Likoma is our favourite peaceful destination in Malawi with plenty of time to bond and do things separately in a safe, astoundingly beautiful place.

The Best Of The Best Safaris to Likoma Island

Plan a Malawi tour and safari with Voyage2Africa, the African travel experts, and enjoy signature experiences to premier island destinations south of the equator. We bring you thrilling adventures on Lake Malawi on Likoma Island and time to explore water sports and hikes on this small piece of land. Choose accommodation in a modern hotel with luxury facilities or choose a rustic backpacker lodge – we offer you some of the best special packages in east Africa to expand your holiday in true style. 

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