Lilongwe Packages & Accommodation

Lilongwe is the bustling capital city of Malawi. Find it in the central region, on the Lilongwe River, near the borders of Malawi, Mozambique, and Zambia. Explore Malawi’s largest metropolis and mingle with the more than 900 000 people living there.


Visit New Town first, to the north. But only if you like ministries, embassies, smart hotels, airline offices and travel agents. Get things done in Malawian time. Now you enter a more vibrant section of town. Explore the main market, banks, guesthouses, backpacker hostels and campsites, as well as tour companies and malls. A must see is the lively central market on Malangalanga Road. Catch a bus from the bus station nearby or discover Devil Street, a narrow road lined with bars and cheap hotels.


Lilongwe Nature Sanctuary, home to Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, is the only refuge in Malawi for rescued, orphaned and injured wild animals. Go and find out more about this humane project nestling between Old and New towns. Buy unique pottery at Dedza and explore the fascinating tobacco auction floors and lushforest reserves.


Select one of Lilongwe’s luxury hotels and lodges for a night or two. Or maybe you will sleep over in the city’s first boutique hotel, Latitude 13? This has definitely put Lilongwe on the map as far as some of the finest accommodation in the world goes.

Lilongwe is the perfect springboard from which to start your Malawi safari itinerary. The city is centrally situated for travel north and south. A huge plus is that this capital is situated less than 300 km from Lake Malawi, the world’s first freshwater nature reserve and home to more than 1000 colourful fish species.  

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