Malawi safaris to Majete Wildlife Reserve

Majete Wildlife Reserve

Majete Wildlife Reserve is an amazing success story of recovery and restoration in nature where Malawi safaris with Voyage2Africa are a hit and special lodge accommodation deals make you smile. Visit a unique conservation and tourist destination transformed by the reintroduction of species previously eradicated by poaching. Choose one of our safari package options including luxury accommodation, meals and transfers.

Find Majete Wildlife Reserve in the Lower Shire River Valley, within the Great Rift Valley, only 2 hours from Malawi’s bustling city of Blantyre. One of the country’s largest protected areas, Majete covers 700 square km of pristine bush, enhanced by the convergence of the Shire and Mkulumadzi Rivers.

This breath-taking nature reserve became a protected area in 1955 but then it took a huge knock in the 1970s and 80s due to poaching and human activities. African Parks stepped in to join hands with the Malawi Department of National Parks and Wildlife to manage Majete, and soon the country’s first-ever big five game reserve evolved, with improved wildlife and tourist numbers helping conservation and community development.

Ecotourism Benefits Communities

Your holiday in Majete Wildlife Reserve will support local communities living on the reserve boundaries and the new malaria research centre, the beekeeping projects and scholarships for students. Many people work in the reserve while a rustic tourist campsite inside the reserve brings in money for the community. 

Young adults in the villages can apply for the recently introduced Community Tour Guide programme which also nurtures a newfound passion and interest in the Majete wilderness area and its fantastic wildlife and natural resources. The reserve allows the community to enter and take thatch grass, bamboo and reeds in a sustainable way during certain months of the year. 


  • Explore Majete Wildlife Reserve on guided game drives, bush walks, and birding safaris – a great outing for day visitors too thanks to the short drive from the city and the newly renovated Mwembezi Restaurant and Heritage swimming pool. 
  • It is best to visit Majete during the dry season from April to October when temperatures are more bearable and animals congregate around water sources. July is the coldest month and November is the hottest month and the rains fall from November to March. 
  • There are some 250 bird species in this fantastic destination – Pel’s fishing owls, Lappet-faced vultures, and African skimmers, beautiful nesting colonies of Carmine and White-fronted bee-eaters, vultures and a large population of Bateleur eagles.
  • Honeymooners will love the first-class facilities at the Mkulumadzi Lodge while families can revel in the rustic chic Thawale Tented Camp on the Shire River.

Wonderful Wildlife and Relocations

This all began in 2003 with impressive reintroductions of iconic species, firstly black rhinos then elephants in 2006, lions in 2012, giraffes in 2018, cheetahs in 2019 and most recently wild dogs in 2021. The grand total is the relocation of more than 5000 animals from 17 different species, making this maturing reserve a sought-after safari destination in Malawi and Africa. 

Today, the Majete Wildlife Reserve hosts more than 12,200 animals, as of 2016 and Majete is proud of its eland, duiker, hippos, nyala, reedbuck, zebras, crocs, warthogs and tortoises. Birdlife is astounding, especially the African finfoot, Bohms bee-eater, Racket-tailed roller and more.

Immerse yourself in the rich landscape that is Majete. It boasts a varied biome, ranging from Miombo woodlands in the western hills to dry savannah in the east, and prominent thickets along the riverbanks. Enjoy the many stately Baobabs and the soaring forms of large-leafed African star chestnuts, which are particularly spectacular. Join tourists to observe these animals and birds and stay in luxury lodges or rustic cabins in nature. 

Family Holidays to Majete Wildlife Reserve

Take your family on a special safari holiday to the gorgeous big five game park, Majete Wildlife Reserve, not far from Blantyre. Birding safaris, walks and game drives fill your days and accommodation ranges from luxury villas to rustic cabins in nature. Take your children to the local villages to learn more about beekeeping, sustainable tourism projects and more. Learn about biodiversity and animal relocation success stories from local community guides.

A few days in the Majete Wildlife Reserve region are refreshing, educational and active too – quite a thrill for families and friends who want to be out in a lush grassland landscape with a river flowing through it. It’s a photographer’s dream world and all the amazing mopane woodlands and other vegetation species worth learning about. 

We show you top-of-the-range safari lodges, bush cabins and earthy camps in this region where children will feel in awe of wild predators and herds of plains game. Try an organised tour with a guide when you book a Voyage2Africa package to make life easier and we will ensure you see the throbbing heart of Majete. 

The Best Of The Best Safaris to Majete Wildlife Reserve

Plan a Malawi tour and safari with Voyage2Africa, the African travel experts, and enjoy signature experiences to premier wildlife destinations south of the equator. We bring you thrilling adventures in the infinite spaces of the Majete Wildlife Reserve and you can find the amazing animals that were successfully reintroduced to the park. Choose a rustic riverside bush camp or safari lodge accommodation with comfy amenities and get ready to explore more of Malawi soon. We offer you some of the best special packages in the Majete Wildlife Reserve Region to expand your holiday in true African style.

Did you know?

Not one rhino or elephant has been lost to poaching since relocations began in the early 2000s and this shows the success of the law enforcement team, taken from the communities and trained to face challenges on the boundaries of the park every day.

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