Malawi safris to Majete Wildlife Reserve

Majete Wildlife Reserve is an amazing success story of recovery and restoration. Visit a unique conservation and tourist destination transformed by the reintroduction of species previously eradicated by poaching.


You simply have to see what has become one of the most popular reserves in Malawi, enriched by the continued protection of endangered species. Explore the most incredible range of healthy ecosystems that support enormous biodiversity, especially awesome wildlife and birdlife. Find Majete Wildlife Reserve in the Lower Shire River Valley, within the Great Rift Valley, only 2 hours from Blantyre. One of the country’s largest protected areas, Majete covers 700 square km of pristine bush, enhanced by the convergence of the Shire and Mkulumadzi Rivers.


Experience spectacular wildlife sightings in a reserve now teeming with game. You may come to see the Big 5 but you will be entranced by the more than 4000 wild animals based in this park. See kudu, eland, sable, suni, Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, yellow baboon, vervet monkeys, porcupines, zebra, klipspringer and more.


Discover some of the recorded 250 bird species in this fantastic destination – Pel’s fishing owls, Lappet-faced vultures, Racket-tailed rollers and African skimmers. Look out for some beautiful nesting colonies of Carmine and White-fronted bee-eaters. You may find the four vulture species and the large population of Bateleur eagles.

Immerse yourself in the rich landscape that is Majete. It boasts a varied biome, ranging from Miombo woodlands in the western hills to dry savannah in the east, and prominent thickets along the riverbanks. Enjoy the many stately Baobabs and the soaring forms of large-leafed African star chestnuts, which are particularly spectacular. Soak up vital vistas and rewarding animal sightings on game drives or walking safaris. Make sure you do some hiking as the park’s terrain is made for this. Learn about the daily life of the local villagers on cultural tours around Majete. Listen to authentic traditional music and watch the tribal dancing.  

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