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Where to stay - Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve Malawi

Come and stay in luxury safari lodge accommodation in the astonishing Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve and discover the many wild attractions in and around Malawi’s Bua River region. Voyage2Africa offers some of the best wilderness accommodation destinations in the region on luxury tours into the warm heart of Malawi. 

Book that game-viewing holiday with us – we recommend the beautiful Tongole Wilderness Lodge, in the heart of Nkhotakota, hugging the forest-clad banks of the magnificent Bua River. This eco-friendly holiday bush retreat suits travellers with an environmental conscience who want to contribute to conservation, community empowerment and good ecotourism businesses. Relax in luxurious, open-plan suites elevated on timber decks and created from natural red soils, rock and thatch to blend in with their natural surroundings. 

Holidays in Malawi know no bounds at this gem of a conservation area, the Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve where luxury accommodation is the name of the game. Discover Malawi’s oldest and least-developed protected area with Voyage2Africa as we guide you where to stay on your next wilderness safari. 

From $385
aerial view of the guest accommodation at Tongole Wilderness Lodge in Malawi

Tongole Wilderness Lodge

Imagine being in the middle of nowhere with only canvas separating you from the wilderness. And knowing that a lion or hyena is roaming somewhere out there? Make this your reality when you stay for 3 or more nights at the Tongole Wilderness Lodge. Get close to nature and seek out both the smaller critters and the more elusive wild animals on guided walking safaris.


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