Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve

Discover Malawi’s oldest and least-developed protected area covering an expanse of only 1 802 square kilometers of pristine terrain. Find the exquisite Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve in central Malawi, a few kilometers from Lake Malawi in the east.


Seek out the life-blood of Nkhotakota, the Bua River. This huge body of water bisects the reserve, plummeting from the high plateau west of Lilongwe to empty into Lake Malawi. Spot the healthy population of crocodiles in their watery home then try some excellent salmon fishing. Numerous waterfalls cascade from the edge of the escarpment.


Traverse fascinating habitats of Brachystegia and Miombo woodland. You will see that there is not much open ground in between tall grasses, evergreens and rainforest. These habitats are particularly characteristic of the wetter parts of the plateau.


Check out an enormous variety of 200 or more bird species in this paradise – including hornbills and kingfishers. Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve is a delightful example of true, untouched wilderness. Enjoy thrilling walking safaris, fishing and climbing. It is less about the game viewing and more about nature in this fabulous wilderness.

Being part of the Nkhotakota experience is unforgettable. You will see very few people as this reserve is difficult to traverse.Your safari is therefore all the more exciting if you are seeking an off the beaten path holiday in the warm heart of Africa. Guided walking safaris and kayaking are a great way to experience nature in this haven.    

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