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Ponta Mamoli

Come and see one of Mozambique’s hidden treasures on the south coast at the hidden gem of Ponta Mamoli, the graceful setting for the one and only White Pearl Resorts, ensconced in natural dune forests with idyllic ocean views. Choose our special offers for Ponta Mamoli’s top-class accommodation in a region that remains untouched and undeveloped.

 See how highly accessible and affordable this quaint Mozambique holiday destination is when you enjoy a self-drive holiday from Kosi Bay, South Africa’s sunny KwaZulu-Natal, or from Maputo and the Maputo Special Reserve. Picture beautiful dune beaches and azure seas at Ponta Mamoli on Mozambique’s Lagoon Coast. 

Explore and enjoy a chain of sheltered bays created by sea and weather over decades, where freshwater lakes meet salty sea beds and sand banks. This hidden bay is the third part of the southern Mozambique beach destinations of Ponta D’Ouro and Ponta Malongane, a diving mecca and deep sea fishing magnet. 

Visit the southern Mozambique region during the turtle season, from November to March, to see Leatherback and Loggerhead turtles struggling up and down beaches to lay precious eggs. Scuba dive, snorkel or go deep-sea fishing in Ponta Mamoli. Take a 4×4 expedition or quad bike outing around the area’s thick, dune forest environment. No time for boredom! 

White Pearl Resorts Accommodation

With miles and miles of stunning beaches, Ponta Mamoli promises something for everyone. Mozambique Travel recommends top-end accommodation at the scintillating White Pearl Resorts on this azure Bay. Yes, welcome to a delightful destination of elegant villas with astonishing ocean views, magnificent modern amenities and warm hospitality. 

Meet your private butler as you settle into a luxury pool suite for your dream holiday at White Pearl. White Pearl has been designed to please every visitor and to care for the magnificent landscape that surrounds it. There is an all-embracing ethical compassion for all life in the region. Appreciate the huge infinity pool that meets the ocean horizon and swim on up to the bar for a cold beer.

Did you know?

The Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphin has a long dorsal fin and humped back appearance due to fatty tissue deposits on its back as it gets older. It also has a rounded forehead and a long beak. Humpback dolphins stick around in small pods of around five or so dolphins, led by an alpha male. 


  • It’s an easy drive from Durban or Johannesburg but you need a 4×4 at the end which makes the region so appealing and untouched for nature lovers. 
  • Relish drinks and seafood meals at many cocktail beach bars and restaurants strung along the dunes and seafront breakers. 
  • Find rare and spectacular creatures in this protected, warm Indian Ocean region – dolphins, Leatherback turtles, rays, many colourful tropical fish and rainbow corals. 
  • Find the magnificent Fish eagle soaring on high, and the best waterbirds too at Lake Piti – while birding, keep your eyes peeled for inland crocs, hippos, Nyala, Red Duiker, Suni and more!

Diving Delights in Ponta Mamoli

Divers of all degrees come to this perfect destination for thrilling diving holidays where they can explore more than 15 top dive sites between Ponta do Ouro and Ponta Mamoli. Observe the amazing Zambezi sharks, Hammerheads, Potato bass and shiny colourful coral fish playing in the coral reefs. 

Your dive masters will boat you to world-class Indian Ocean diving hotspots off the beach at White Pearl Resorts in southern Mozambique. Book a diving holiday package to sample intriguing underwater experiences of all degrees. Float into vibrant corals where hundreds of colourful fish swim and feel safe in a professional, interpretive diving session.

As members of fantastic marine conservation projects in the Ponta Mamoli region, White Pearl encourages their diving guests to become true ambassadors of the ocean by learning, looking, telling others, and never touching. The resort does not tolerate any noisy or large fishing boats, jet skis or other marine hindrances. Diver numbers and equipment are kept to a minimum and all divers are requested to follow strict codes of respect for ocean conservation initiatives.

Bush-Beach Combo Tour to Maputo Special Reserve

Turn your Ponta Mamoli beach holiday into a beach-bush combo safari vacation if you feel like driving a little further north to the magnificent Maputo Elephant Reserve. Go and experience this home to wildlife and grasslands, swamps and incredible bird species. More than 350 elephants roam the nearly 200 000 acres of the reserve! 

The Maputo Special Reserve is now part of the Maputo National Park, a larger marine, coastal and inland reserve set aside for beautiful land and ocean creatures. Tourists and communities benefit from the conservation of nature. Book your special package safari trip to this park soon, one of the only 36 biodiversity hotspots in the world, holding huge value to people and the planet (sustainable tourism).  

Family Holidays to Ponta Mamoli

Take your family on a captivating safari tour to the gorgeous beaches and waves of Ponta Mamoli, a haven of biodiversity and great accommodation. Take the kids to see the colourful coral reef fish, endemic birds, majestic fish eagles and lush dune forests. A few days at Ponta Mamoli are refreshing, educational and active too – quite a thrill for families and friends who want to be out on the bay, or swimming with dolphins. 

We show you top-of-the-range ocean villas in this region where children will feel in awe and want to run free. There are hikes, horse rides, scuba dives and snorkelling adventures. Get a boat and go fish. Visit the local people and taste their foods. It’s a diverse holiday in paradise and family suites are available wherever you go!

The Best Of The Best Safaris to Ponta Mamoli

Plan a Mozambique tour and safari with Voyage2Africa, the African travel experts, and enjoy signature experiences to premier beach destinations south of the equator. We bring you thrilling adventures in the infinite spaces of the great southern Mozambique coastal region. Choose a rustic chic beach-style cabin with luxury facilities or upmarket villas in dune forests and get ready to explore more of Ponta Mamoli soon. We offer you some of the best accommodation and special packages in southern Mozambique to expand your holiday in true African style. 

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