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Caprivi Strip, Namibia

The Caprivi Strip in Namibia is the meeting place of four African countries and 4 perennial rivers in a lush wildlife setting offering top safari lodge accommodation. Caprivi Strip hotels and safari lodge guide. Rates, pictures and special deals to all of the Caprivi region accommodation establishments. See the best wildlife in Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe from the perfect base in the narrow Caprivi Strip. 

This unusual piece of land extends 32 km by 105 km, like an extra limb of Namibia. 

In 1884 Germany annexed the then South West Africa and seized Caprivi to get access to the Zambezi River and a route to the east coast of Africa. But this route failed because majestic Victoria Falls lies in its path. In 1890 Britain agreed to slice off the Caprivi corridor from Botswana for Germany, in exchange for Zanzibar Island. 

Did you know?

The Caprivi Strip is basically the Okavango in Namibia, brimming with wildlife, and promising the same off-the-beaten track game viewing as the Botswana Delta. 


  • The Mafwe Living Museum is a genuine outdoor museum where tourists meet the Mafwe, learn about their culture, and camp under the Baobab trees.
  • The wettest region in Namibia where 4 perennial rivers flow – the Zambezi, Kwando, Chobe, and Okavango Rivers!
  • Six colorful ethnic tribes all speak Lozi, a local Zambian language, so buy their fresh fruit from makeshift stalls.

Five different reserves join in the Caprivi: 

  • Popa Falls Game Park: The smallest game park in Namibia with great fishing for Broad-head Catfish and Ocellated Spiny Eel. 
  • Mahango National Park: The greatest bird watching area in Namibia with contrasting wetland-desert habitat. 
  • Bwabwata National Park: A remote, undeveloped important migration route from Botswana to Angola for African elephants and other animals – about 5,500 people live in the park.
  • Mudumu National Park: A crucial 900 square km unfenced center of Africa’s largest conservation area, the Kavango-Zambezi Trans-Frontier Conservation Area (KaZa TFCA). 
  • Mamili National Park (now Nkasa Rupara National Park):  An unfenced 350 square km swampland with two large islands, Nkasa and Lupala, undeveloped and flooded during rainy season. 

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