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Caprivi Strip Safari Packages & Accommodation

Caprivi Strip, Namibia

Head to the meeting place of four African countries on an unforgettable overland safari package tour that centres on the Caprivi Strip in northern Namibia and includes fantastic safari lodge accommodation. See the best sights in Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe – four magnetic destinations meeting at the narrow Caprivi Strip, a wild place of vast horizons, astonishing wildlife and captivating scenery. 

Voyage2Africa promises insights into the most magical hotels, camps and safari lodges as well as professional guidance with our special rates and deals to the entire Caprivi region and further. 

The Caprivi Strip Region is a Bucket List Destination:

Four perennial rivers flow through the rich ecosystems – the Zambezi, Kwando, Chobe and Linyanti, plus the Okavango River flows right through it.

Astounding wildlife in 5 different reserves – Popa Falls Reserve, Mahango National Park, Bwabwata National Park, Mudumu National Park and Mamili National Park – all joining in the Caprivi. 

More than 600 bird species, flowers and trees and an interesting combination of swamps, woodlands and forests. 

Six colourful ethnic tribes all speak Lozi, a local Zambian language so buy their fresh fruit from makeshift stalls and feel very welcome.

Did you know?

The Caprivi Strip is basically the Okavango Delta in Namibia, brimming with wildlife, and promising the same off-the-beaten track and mind-blowing game viewing as the Okavango Delta. It’s bordered by the Okavango, Kwando, Chobe and Zambezi Rivers.


  • Visit the Mafwe Living Museum, a genuine outdoor museum where you get to meet the Mafwe and learn about their lifestyle and culture, and camp under the Baobab trees.
  • The wettest region in Namibia so rife with crocs, hippos, elephants and enormous herds of rare antelope such as tssessebe, roan and sable.
  • Game drives, birding, walks, fishing and boating and so much to do – a great opportunity to combine a safari in Chobe, Linyanti and Zimbabwe. 
  • A wide choice of top lodges and camps, hotels and safari tours in a lush part of Africa where 4 countries meet and 4 rivers flow.

The Best Of The Best Safaris in Caprivi

Plan a Namibia tour and safari with Voyage2Africa, the African travel experts, and enjoy signature experiences to premier wildlife destinations south of the equator. We bring you thrilling adventures in the infinite spaces of the Caprivi Strip. We offer you the best of the best safari accommodation in and around this floodplain region, in lavish swamp lodges, splendid family resorts, eco villas and rustic wild campsites in nature.  Take a look at some beautiful riverine camps here for starters. 

Fascinating History

The Caprivi Strip is an unusual corridor extending 32 km by 105 km and standing out from the rest of Namibia. In 1884 Germany annexed the then South West Africa and seized Caprivi to get access to the Zambezi River and a route to the east coast of Africa. But this route failed because Victoria Falls lies in its path, one of the world’s largest waterfalls. In 1890 Britain agreed to slice off the Caprivi corridor from Botswana for Germany, in exchange for Zanzibar Island. 

A Wealth of Wildlife in Five Protected Areas

Popa Falls Game Park: The smallest game park in Namibia with excellent birding thanks to its more than 400 bird species, and exciting fishing for Broad-head Catfish and Oscillated Spiny Eel. Hippos, crocs, monkeys and antelope. It is here that the Okavango River breaks up before gradually spreading out across the Kalahari. Hop over the small rushing channels on footbridges built between islands before the water plunges over the rapids.

Mahango National Park: The greatest birdwatching area in Namibia thanks to the contrasting wetland-desert habitat, on the western side of the Okavango close to the Popa Falls. The park is only 245 square km and is part of the Bwabwata National Park. Remarkable baobabs everywhere, herds of elephants, buffalo, roan, sable and tsessebe, lions, leopard and hyena. 

Bwabwata National Park: A remote, undeveloped park that was created by merging Caprivi Game Park and Mahango Game Reserve but remains an important migration route from Botswana to Angola for African elephants and some other animals. It is an unusual Protected Area as about 5,500 people live in the park.

Mudumu National Park: An important migration route from Botswana to Angola for large game species such as the African elephant. It forms a crucial 900 square km unfenced transboundary link for wildlife migration between Angola, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia, the centre of Africa’s largest conservation area, the Kavango-Zambezi Trans-Frontier Conservation Area (KaZa TFCA). 

Mamili National Park (renamed to Nkasa Rupara National Park):  An unfenced swampland of about 350 square km with two large islands, Nkasa and Lupala. Most of Namibia’s red lechwe, sitatunga and puku, buffalo herds, and some 430 bird species occur here! It remains undeveloped as it’s located in the country’s highest rainfall area and during the rainy season up to 80% of the Park is flooded. 

Family Holidays at the Caprivi Strip

Take your family on an impressive holiday to a weird skinny peninsula of land that sticks out on the Africa map between Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia –the ultimate thrill for families and friends up the Namibian West Coast!   

Choose exquisite river and wetland camps and lodges where kids will feel in awe and want to run free in this vast magic wet place so take them on all the offered outings. Many of the Caprivi camps offer game drives, guided walks, boating and fishing where crocs, elephants, hippos and rare antelope thrive. 

Explore the four national parks and Popa Falls then boat down a channel to find rare birds. Meet kind staff and take time to reconnect as a family in one of Africa’s most beautiful and rarely visited regions.  It’s a time to be active and to be quiet, a time to chat and a time to listen. Nature beckons.  

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