Bespoke safaris to the remarkable Kaokoland

Tours and holiday packages to the Kaokoland Region of Namibia

Life-changing tours and bespoke safaris to the remarkable Kaokoland should be part of your trip to Namibia. See our recommendations for all the very best tour and adventure options, plus accommodation venues to the wide open spaces of the dramatic Kaokoland region.

Arrange your Namibian holiday to be part of a special safari package tour, inclusive of luxury accommodation, meals and drinks, transfers and flights. Save yourself the hassle of organising a holiday in Kaokoland when you simply choose a customised Voyage2Afria tour and safari. 

We recommend an easy fly-in safari for the best value and stress-free time-saving. Some visitors prefer to self-drive through Namibia to be more flexible and simply explore the country as they go. We love the idea of group tours to have fun with like-minded people too!

Our package tours are fly-in deals, self-drive journeys and group tour packages so choose the best rate and deal for your needs. Chat to Voyage2Africa today about your Kaokoland package holiday in Namibia.

From $9575

Fly into the best camps in Namibia for a safari of a lifetime

Experience the romance and allure of an off the beaten track Namibia vacation with this Gold standard safari. Explore the wild open spaces and rugged landscapes of one of the most gorgeous places on earth. The proud yet friendly tribes people, the desolate skeleton coast and fantastic flora and fauna combine to make this region a heavenly utopia.

Fly In Tour of Namibia

See some of the most desolate yet spectacular sights of Namibia during this incredible 6-night Namibia Fly-in Tour. You will experience some really authentic luxury lodges that blend into the wilderness of this vast country. And the cherry on top is that you will fly everywhere, avoiding long dusty drives that take up time and make you so tired! Some of the best memories you will have will be the times you dined around roaring campfires under the vast Namibian night skies!


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