Luderitz Region Accommodation & Packages

Visit the Luderitz Region just to see its famous wild horses of the Namib. Roaming the sparsely vegetated plains of the desert in small groups, these magnificent creatures come to drink from the trough at Garub, some 20 kilometers west of Aus, in Namibia.


Head straight to the deserted diamond settlement of Kolmanskop in the dynamic dunes. Take a morning tour around the Ghost Town – seeing the popular ancient bowling alley. Rising from the sands in 1908 in a diamond rush, it is now sinking back into constantly moving sands.


Spend time in Luderitz, a quaint Namibian town with a very good harbour. Founded in 1883, it started off as a trading post and has barely changed at all, hence its appeal. Fishing and Guano harvesting were the main industries here until diamonds were discovered in 1909 – and suddenly Luderitz grew.


Visit the new waterfront area where tourism provides some of the main income for the town. Take trips to Diaz Point and GrusseBucht to see the original cross planted by Bartholomew Diaz.


Enjoy a Sedina boat cruise to see dolphins and seals or head to Shark Island where Luderitz campsite can be found – originally a ghastly concentration camp.

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