North Island Packages

Specials and holiday deals to Seychelles North Island

Choose North Island in Seychelles for blissful solitude in a Robinson Crusoe setting where palm trees sway and unique holiday accommodation packages take your breath away – because there is only one hotel on this entire island and it is made for you. 

Our North Island packages are customised for barefoot honeymoon couples who will be awe-inspired by this place of luxury for sheer romance in an unspoilt, spectacular tropical retreat. This is a destination you should experience in a tailor-made package deal to suit your tastes and boasting fantastic facilities and activities! 

Our special family package rates save you money and stress if you allow us to book it all for you, including fights and then all you do is arrive at the plush accommodation in only 11 individually handcrafted guest villas on the entire island, each constructed to create a sensational experience in surroundings of understated elegance. Voyage2Africa organises tours to Mauritius that excite and educate, relax and rejuvenate so chat to us here and we will package up your favourite hotels for a few weeks on holiday.


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