One of Africa’s premium shopping destinations, Johannesburg promises shoppers a choice of locally produced items to designer label pieces. Get out there and find a mall where you can shop ‘til you drop! Explore the huge city on walking and bus tours. Enjoy the thrill of being close to game reserves and wildlife with exclusive safari accommodation.


Johannesburg, South Africa, offers abundant fun and educational activities to see and do. From shopping malls to theatres, casino’s and entertainment venues, this modern city has it all. The Cultural and historical enthusiast will be pleased to know here are more than 40 art galleries. As well as many museums, a host of cultural institutes, villages and studios.


The largest city in South Africa, Jo’burg is the wealthiest centre and irrefutably the economic powerhouse of Africa. It still retains its gold rush roots, making it a booming, happening city. Jozi, as it’s known to the locals, offers visitors an experience as unique and miscellaneous as the city itself. Its bustle will leave you stunned, its spirit will forever remain with you, enticing you to go back for more.


Feel bewitched by glorious sunsets and summer thundershowers – and get used to reckless minibus taxi drivers. Look forward to cool and comfortable climates with short afternoon storms. Plenty of lightning and thunder makes for an exhilarating experience for first-time visitors. Winters are very dry and frosty.


Visit one of the many nightlife hotspots the city has to offer if you feel like something upbeat and educational. From pubs to clubs and shebeens, to dance halls and restaurants, each venue promises a night to remember. And stay in upmarket hotels and luxurious lodges or find a comfy bed and breakfast in the leafy suburbs.