Chole Mjini Treehouse Lodge

Spectacular views from the treehouses.

Discover the awe-inspiring Chole Mjini Treehouse Lodge on the idyllic, peaceful Chole Island with Voyage2Africa and explore one of the top island resorts in all of Mafia Archipelago, off the coast of Zanzibar. Welcome to a place where scenic beauty knows no boundaries and electricity, smartphones and computers are forbidden, just because. 

Escape all Western world burdens and revel in one of the most authentic and original lodges in Africa. Spectacular views from the treehouses where couples can enjoy romantic, quality time together. Experience island life and come away rejuvenated. Dine under the stars at candle-lit tables, within 19th-century ruins or beside the murmuring ocean. Appreciate supreme scuba diving in Mafia Island Marine Park with its extraordinary reefs and dive sites.

Choose Chole Mjini Treehouse Lodge for that authentic barefoot Jungle Book, Tarzan of the Apes or Robinson Crusoe movie come true – a boutique lodge with an eco-conscience teaches you how to live with nature, without technology and to tune into your senses all over again. Minimalism is the way to go, sustainable tourism is the way to travel and this Zanzibar island escape is all about the great marine outdoors. 

Start your day with a fresh cup of coffee pulled up to your window in a basket, then use the sunny climate for all things ocean and island – snorkelling, diving, dhow sailing, fishing, ocean cruises to find whale sharks and turtles nesting on beaches, finding ancient ruins and hiking the lush forests. Sit at dusk with a cocktail and toast the red sunset into the Indian Ocean. Swing in a hammock all day until the stars come out and the hurricane lamps are lit. Join fellow guests around the dining table or in different settings every evening with your loved one.

Stay in imaginative treehouses ingeniously created in the magnificent boughs of ancient baobab trees lining the shores and snug in the lush vegetation where historic ruins add atmosphere to your accommodation on Chole Island. There are only 6 of these amazing treehouses and one lavish chalet on the ground, unlike any other island lodges in Africa. No air conditioning is required when the sea breezes float through your magical bedroom and the stars wink all night.

Feel adventurous and cool in your tree home with its double bed, expensive linens, hot showers and compost toilets and private gardens. The stand-alone suite boasts an ensuite sunken Persian bath decorated with mosaics and a large private garden with a flush toilet.

Each handcrafted tree chalet has been built according to the same design of the people who live in stilt houses on the Rufiji Delta opposite Mafia Island and they really work. The journey to Chole Island is not for everyone as it is rough and long and a huge African adventure – first travel for 30 minutes on a dirt road across Mafia Island to jump on board a traditional sailing dhow then cross the by in a 20-minute sailing trip to Chole Island, then walk the rest of the way to your chosen treehouse in its select baobab setting!



Find the eccentric and mesmerising Chole Mjini located on the unique island of Chole, a tiny tropical destination within the Mafia Archipelago off the south coast of Zanzibar. This adventure is for the strong and young, those who love discovering new things and roughing it in the natural environment. From your first rough road across Mafia Island, then your dhow trip across the bay to the destination on Chole Island, you wade through the shallow shores and walk to your treehouse. This adventure is for those who are willing to leave all technology at home and rely on fresh sea breezes to cool them down, compost toilets and simple luxuries in chalets made from nature.

Landing the dhow, you pass the ruins through the forests to find Chole Mjini Treehouse Lodge and you see the remnants of the old trading centre where the Sultanates of Kilwa and Zanzibar used to reign. Now, rural villages dot the island and a great sense of peace and simplicity permeates life on Chole Island, Zanzibar’s magical wonderful escape. 

Paradise is found and privacy assured with six carefully placed thatched sea view treehouses and one luxury suite on the ground which are reached via sandy paths that lead through natural vegetation. Children are welcome at Chole Mjini and most treehouses have a second level to accommodate them. The seven treehouses are named Mojo, Mbili, Tatu, Nne, Tano, Sita, and Saba, in the order that they were built. All treehouses are unique in their location on the island and each has its own story to tell.

Dine under the stars at candle-lit tables, within 19th-century ruins or next to the murmuring ocean. The mouth-watering cuisine is of a strong Swahili influence with freshly caught fish and island-grown vegetables topping the menu. 

Scuba diving is supreme in Mafia Island Marine Park which has extraordinary reefs and dive sites. Take up the offer of bespoke, private diving or you can take advantage of Mafia Diving, a PADI Dive centre in the nearby Chole Bay. 

Chole Mjini offers tide-dependent excursions to enchant guests of all ages and inclinations. These include snorkelling, swimming with whale sharks, turtle hatching, sandbar sunbathing & picnics, island excursions, Chole village tours, Popo Park excursions, sunset dhow sailing and whale watching. Talk to Voyage2Africa today to secure your Zanzibar adventure to an unknown island lodge.

Amazing Holiday Packages including Chole Mjini Treehouse Lodge

Treehouse Fantasy at Chole Mjine

Treehouse Fantasy at Chole Mjine

Imagine overgrown ruins in a jungle island setting? Live like Tarzan and Jane in a castaway fantasy reminiscent of Robinson Crusoe. Reawaken your senses at Chole Mjine, a paradise offering 7 carefully placed thatched sea view treehouses, reached via sandy […]


  • Birdwatching
  • Cooking courses
  • Cultural & historical tours
  • Snorkeling & scuba diving


  • Accommodation 
  • All meals and drinks
  • Activities 
  • Transfers

Chole Mjini Treehouse resort hotel
that include this property


  • 7 Treehouses
  • Open air showers
  • Nearby PADI Dive Centre
  • Variety of excursions on offer
  • Book exchange library
  • Activities
  • Snorkelling
  • Island excursions
  • Dhow sailing
  • Sandbar sunbathing & picnics


  • History, culture, environment and conservation come together to enthral visitors and remind them about the need to get back to nature.
  • Superb diving in the marine park’s waters with expert PADI dive instructors and top-quality equipment.
  • The ideal destination for romance, fun and those with a penchant for the great outdoors, away from all social media.
  • Rustic chic elegance in only 6 innovative tree houses made for adventure and solitude in nature.

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